Boy, 11, dies after charging phone EXPLODES and sets fire to his clothes during online lesson

A LITTLE boy has died after his mobile phone EXPLODED and set him on fire during an online class, reports say.

The school pupil, 11, was using his phone when it suddenly ignited as it charged, an education official in Vietnam said.

Named only as NVQ in reports, the child was attending class at his home in Nghe An Province via video link due to Covid restrictions.

He was wearing earphones when his phone exploded and his clothes caught fire at around 4pm, reports local media.

Neighbours reportedly rushed to help the boy but he died later that night.

It is not known what type of phone or charger he was using.

Police are investigating the boy's horrific death.

Officials said that children in Nam Dan District returned to school three weeks ago but still attend online classes once a week.

It comes after a student, 18, died in India after his bed caught fire when his phone was connected to a charger.

The unnamed teenager died from horrific burns to his body, The Times of India reported yesterday.

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