Couple fall in love after girl flies from US for date in WETHERSPOONS

Couple fall in love after girl pays £1,300 to fly 3,500 miles from New York to Manchester for first date in a WETHERSPOONS

  • Felicia DiSalvo flew from New York to Manchester to meet a man for the first time
  • The 21-year-old met Zak Broadhurst, 22, who took her on a date to Wetherspoons
  • The pair, who met playing chess online, went to the budget chain pub five times

An American woman has fallen in love with a British man after she flew to the UK and he took her on five dates to Wetherspoons.

The couple met through playing online chess together but had never seen each other in real life, until Felicia DiSalvo, 21, jetted from New York to Manchester.

The young photographer forked out £1,300 on flights to jet 3,500 miles to see Zak Broadhurst in the budget chain pub.

Zak, 22, persuaded her to jump on a plane and said he’d treat her to a meal at the Moon Under the Water in the city centre.

They then fell for each other after dining on fish, chips and curry sauce and drinking jugs of cocktails.

Felicia DiSalvo, 21, flew from her home in New York to Manchester to meet Zak Broadhurst, 22, for the first time. He took her on five dates at the same Wetherspoons

Felicia was enamoured with the budget pub and returned to the same table every time, where they would play chess and count the number of chips on their plate

Keen to immerse herself in British culture, Felicia took part in a Wetherspoons online game where you have to count how many chips you get with your meal.

Felicia said: ‘When you spontaneously meet a British person on the internet and learn all the Spoons lore.

‘So you fly all the way to count 22 chips and play chess over curry sauce instead of’

But she gushed: ‘Zak thank you for changing the trajectory of my life decisions this rapidly.’

The American ended up going back to the pub five times because she loved it so much.

Zak Broadhurst and Felicia DiSalvo in Moon Under The Water Wetherspoons, Manchester

The pair enjoyed their time at Whetherspoons so much they made sure to sit at the same table – number 38 – during each of their dates.

Felicia said she wished there were Wetherspoons in the US, she added: ‘Spoons is just so enchanting.’

Zak said he knew she’d love the boozer – where he goes for breakfast and on his work breaks.

The pair are planning their next meet-up – in another one of the pubs – in York where Zak is going to study psychology.

Posting on Instagram, Felicia said: ‘I love this feeling that my life is a movie and that Zak and I are movie characters in some Alice in Wonderland themed escapade.’

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