My boss from hell docked my wages after I got stuck in a LIFT – they said I ‘lacked motivation' | The Sun

A WORKER shared his outrage after he was punished for arriving late to work after he got stuck in the LIFT.

The shocked employee explained that he was stuck in the elevator for three hours.

But instead of sympathy from his boss, he received a pay cut and a chewing out for being late.

The fuming worker shared his story on Reddit.

He wrote: "So yesterday, I was in the elevator, and it stopped working out of the blue, and the electricity also went off.

"I was not able to contact the maintenance department or my office.

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"I tried to reach them by phone, and after several attempts, I was able to inform HR about my situation, and they sent a maintenance guy.

"After three hours, they got me out of the elevator." 

He explained: "When I was punching my in-time, HR said 'you were late, so you will be marked as absent, and your salary will also be deducted'."

And they added: "So I told them it's not my fault. If you allow me to punch in and correct the in-time, I will work, or otherwise, I am taking the day off.

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"And they started to threaten me about appraisal and my work ethic, how I was making excuses, and do not put in effort and lack motivation."

The horrified man said he recorded the incident and documented the conversation with HR.

He is now considering whether to take his concern to a higher level.

Since the story was posted it the comments section has erupted.

One user advised: "Seems like a toxic workplace. Find a new job if possible. Remember, the corporate world is not your friend".

"There is no way I will work if I am marked absent. In fact, your company should give you compensation for such an inconvenience.

"Switch your company," another added.

While a third shocked commenter questioned: "How do you even work in such a toxic work environment?

"If they wanted you to work, they should have marked it as a working day, but they want to not pay you but still want you to work.

"Is this the slavery era or what?" 



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And about millions of Brits who think they could do a better job than their boss.

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