Dan Abrams tells 'Watters' World' crime is 'underreported' by mainstream media

Dan Abrams: crime on the rise in crime in American cities

Abrams tells ‘Watters’ World’ there is a ‘serious crime problem’ in some American cities

Author and TV host Dan Abrams told “Watters World” on Saturday night that the rise in violent crime in the U.S. is underreported by the mainstream media. 

“The media ought to be covering more crime waves in certain cities,” he told host Jesse Watters. 

“Now, some people will tell you, ‘Oh, there’s no crime wave,’” he continued. “It’s actually, you know, you have to look at the numbers this way or that way. The bottom line is that there is a serious crime problem in big cities around America. And I do think that the media is reluctant to cover that kind of stuff.” 

The mainstream media’s failure to cover the crime surge has to do with their failure to admit that they lean left, Abrams claimed.

“I think the mainstream media is left of center,” he said. “I think the problem is they don’t admit it, right? And they don’t, because if they would just say, ‘Here’s where we are politically and this is how we’re going to cover stories,’ that might be a little more honesty in the process, right?” 

Despite their political leaning, though, the media was unaware of their failure to cover the rising crime rate, Abrams argued. 

“I think the problem is that for a lot of these entities, you know, they don’t even notice that they’re doing it,” he said. “They don’t even notice that they’re focusing all on so often, in my view, too often claiming the police are always the bad guys as opposed to the good guys.” 

“I want to see more police heroism stories,” he added.

Watters asked Abrams when the popular show “Live PD” would be making a comeback. 

“I hope soon,” Abrams said. “I will tell you, I have been advocating for it from the moment they decided to cancel it because, you know, I was not happy about the decision. I have been advocating for its return. And I think it’s soon.” 


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