How EU as torpedoed fight against Covid as ‘HALF of Germany, France and Spain now believe AstraZeneca jab is unsaf

MOST people in the biggest European Union member states — including Germany, France, Spain and Italy — now view AstraZeneca's vaccine as unsafe, a new poll reveals. 

This is largely thanks to the EU countries’s kneejerk ban after dozens of isolated cases of blood clots and brain hemorrhages.

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EU Covid cases and deaths are surging largely thanks to the EU's shambolic jab program, which is now made worse by leaders raising doubts about the safety of the AstraZeneca jab.

Startling images show empty vaccination centres as people shun the Oxford vaccination.

Now desperate EU bureaucrats are trying to block AstraZeneca vaccine exports to Britain.

But new YouGov poll results released today found that the majority of people in France, Germany, Spain and Italy viewed the vaccine as unsafe after it was bad-mouthed by European leaders. 

The figure in France for those who thought negatively of the jab was 61 per cent, compared to 55 per cent in Germany. 

More than half the Spanish – 52 per cent – thought the jab was unsafe, while the figure for the Italians was 43 percent.

Concerns about its protection and potency were raised by leaders across Europe, the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine has undoubtedly suffered damage to its reputation for safety on the Continent

Bloc nations cited unsubstantiated fears of "blood clots" —- which had so far affected just 0.0003 per cent of the millions who have received the jab.

This is despite the European Medicines Agency tonight finally concluded the jab was safe.

Thousands of jab appointments have been cancelled after panic, with some 20 countries suspending use of the AstraZeneca jab.

As of Saturday, states in the bloc had administered just 10.4 jab doses per 100 people compared with 42.7 jabs per 100 in the UK.


YouGov analyst Matt Smith said: "After concerns about its protection and potency were raised by leaders across Europe, the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine has undoubtedly suffered damage to its reputation for safety on the Continent.

"Not only have we seen considerable rises in those who consider it unsafe in the last two weeks in Europe, the AstraZeneca vaccine continues to be seen as substantially less safe than its Pfizer and Moderna counterparts."

Britain was the only country surveyed where confidence in the vaccine remained high – 77 per cent in the UK think it is safe.

The YouGov poll was based on the views of 7,000 people from across the EU and UK who were interviewed between March 12 and March 18.

Meanwhile, a top German doctor told Sun Online that the EU jab ban has sabotaged the fight against Covid-19 and thousands more could die as a result.

Dr Christian Kröner fumed at the "stupid" decision and said nations like Germany and France should have followed Britain's "smarter" example after its falling jab rollout across Europe.

Large swathes of the continent plunged back into lockdown in the past week and the possibility of Brits traveling to the continent for their summer holidays looks bleak.

France introduced a new shutdown at the weekend as it reported up to 30,000 new cases of the disease every day.

The country has reported more than 4.2 million infections since the start of the outbreak, with nearly 92,000 Covid-related deaths.

 President Emmanuel Macron has been criticised for politicising the vaccine programme. 

 At one stage he said Oxford-AstraZeneca might not be safe for the over 65s, before performing a dramatic U-turn. 

 He changed his mind yet again last week, suggesting that it should only be given to the over 55s. 

Meanwhile, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen threatened to join forces with France and Germany to hold hostage over 19 million AZ jabs scheduled to be shipped to the UK.

Number 10 has told the EU to “grow up” over their blockade threats as their rollouts continue to flop behind Britain’s.

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