I’m a tattoo artist and my client just got her boyfriend’s name on her face… they’re locked in now

A TATTOO artist has shared the moment a client got her boyfriend’s name permanently inked on her face.

In a video posted to TikTok, the tattooist showed the process of performing the fixture under a caption "Who next?".

The artist, under the handle inkedby_que, shared step by step as they prepared the area on their client's face for the artwork.

It was captioned: "So this client wanted her BOYFRIEND name tatted on her face".

The video showed all hair being removed beside her right eyebrow ahead of the procedure before the final look was revealed.

Other slides read: "So y'all know me, I had to do what I do" and "I asked her if he had her name, she said yes… he been had it" [sic].

After the tattoo was performed, the artist wrote: "It's safe to say that they are locked in."

Other TikTok users who reacted in the comment sections weren't particularly supportive of the idea.

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One person wrote: "Nothing is forever" while another said: "How bout HELL NAWL‼️"

Another wrote: "Nope nope and nope" while one comical person said: "I’d rather mop the ocean dry".

It comes after an insistent girlfriend decided she wanted her boyfriend to undergo an incredibly painful inking, according to tattoo artist Iain Parry.

Despite seeing practically everything over his 18 years’ experience of tattooing clients, Iain was left stunned at what the woman asked.

He recalled: "I did also once get a call from a rather angry lady asking me to tattoo her name on his penis.

"I said I would do it that evening, but safe to say he didn’t show – I think that may have been the end of them."

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