Irish priest accidentally blares out grime track during online mass

Holy rap! Hilarious moment Irish priest accidentally blares out grime track during online mass service

  • Father Pat accidentally played grime music during his online Wednesday Mass 
  • Rapper Black the Ripper was blasted around the church in Burtonport, Donegal
  • Residents and Father Pat took the technical mishap well and made jokes about it 

An Irish priest was given an almighty shock when his sound system blasted rap music during a livestreamed Mass. 

Speaking to an empty church, reported by The Irish Post to be in Burtonport, Donegal, Father Pat some how managed to play a rap song by grime artist Black the Ripper at the start of his blessing on Wednesday. 

He only makes it through ‘in the name of the Father, and of the son’ before the music cuts across him and booms around the church. 

During an online Mass on Wednesday at a church in Donegal Father Pat suffered some technical difficulties when a rap song began playing over his opening blessing

Father Pat tries to continue despite the mishap but suddenly the words ‘Ok, it’s Black the Ripper’ interrupts him and he is forced to try and turn the music off.

Eventually, a few seconds into the rap titled Young Prophet, he managed to pause the music and he can be heard chuckling at the incident. 

‘Black the Ripper, a wee bit of rap in the morning wakes you up,’ he joked. 

Seemingly unfazed by the technical hitch he says ‘anyway still nice to see you all’ and continues with the livestream. 

Comically he added: ‘I hope that didn’t do anybody’s blood pressure any difficulty.’ 

Taking the mishap in good spirits, the Kincasslagh Parish Facebook page shared a picture of Black the Ripper’s album cover with the caption: ‘Please stand for our opening hymn…’ 

Seeing the funny side, the local parish Facebook account shared a picture of Black the Ripper’s album cover captioned: ‘Please stand for our opening hymn’

People quickly took to the comments to join in the hilarity, with one person saying it was the highlight of their day. 

Another wrote: ‘You really couldn’t make it up. Something for everyone at Fr Pat’s Mass.’

‘Oh my god it was brilliant father pat! If we weren’t awake at that point well we surely were after that rap,’ said another. 

One woman added: ‘Gee for a moment I wasn’t sure where I was! Then I realized that Fr. Par was equally as startled as we all were! Good on ya!’

Black the Ripper, real name Dean West, had a heart attack and died at the age of 32 last year.

He was well known as an advocate for the legalisation of cannabis in the UK.

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