Met Police detective sacked after cocaine conviction

Detective sergeant, 41 is sacked from Met Police for cocaine possession after bag of it fell out of his pocket in front of officers

  • Detective sergeant Wayne Stanley 41, was off duty when he was arrested in 2019
  • Surrey Police officers spotted Stanley dropping a package on the ground 
  • He was convicted of possession of cocaine on May 20 at Guildford Crown Court
  • He was dismissed without notice yesterday following his cocaine conviction  

A Met Police detective sergeant has been sacked after he was convicted of possession of cocaine. 

Detective sergeant Wayne Stanley, 41, was arrested while off duty by Surrey Police who were attending an incident at a residential address on December 28, 2019. 

Officers attending the scene spotted Stanley dropping a small packaged from his pocket onto the floor. 

A forensic examination of the white powder showed it was cocaine. 

Off duty Detective Sergeant Wayne Stanley, 41, was arrested by Surrey Police officers after they spotted him drop a suspicious package onto the ground which was later found to contain cocaine

A hearing at the Empress State Building, home of the Met Police’s professional standards team, ruled that Stanley should be dismissed without notice following  his conviction of possession of cocaine

Stanley, who was attached to the Met Operations Command, was yesterday dismissed without notice following a misconduct hearing at the Empress State Building. 

Following  his arrest, he remained on restricted duties until his sacking yesterday. 

Stanley was charged on April 6, 2021 and was convicted in Guildford Crown Court on May 20, 2022. He was fined £750 and ordered to pay a further £2,250 in costs. 

The misconduct hearing was chaired by Assistant Commissioner Helen Ball who agreed the former officer had breached professional standards at a level considered gross misconduct. 

Detective Chief Superintendent Paul Trevers, who is commander for Met Operations said: ‘The disappointing actions of this officer fell far below the values and standards that we strive to uphold.

‘Our communities deserve the best of its police officers and this kind of behaviour has no place at all in the Met. Our professional standards team will continue to root out those who let us down and ensure they are held to account.’

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