Moment Amazon driver 'urinates at the bottom of customers' driveway'

Moment female Amazon driver ‘urinates at the bottom of customers’ driveway’ before handing over their parcel

  • A video shows an Amazon driver appearing to urinate before delivering a parcel 
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An Amazon driver taking a cheeky toilet break outside her van was captured on CCTV by the homeowners she was delivering to. 

Les Watson, 54, and Emma Marsden, 44, had been eagerly awaiting the delivery of their new hair trimmer. 

Tracking the delivery, they were keeping an eye on the CTTV camera positioned outside their front door on February 28. 

When the delivery driver arrived that evening, they noticed that she had fallen over and were worried that she was hurt. 

But when they checked the footage again after the delivery, they discovered the truth – that she has been urinating at the bottom of their driveway. 

The Amazon Prime delivery van pulling up outside the home of Les Watson and Emma Marsden on February 28  

The delivery driver can be seen squatting behind her open van door before she urinates at the bottom of the driveway 

The CCTV footage sees the Amazon Prime van pull up outside the house before the woman jumps out of the cab. 

Hunching over behind the open van door, she quickly pulls down her trousers and urinates, before standing up again a few seconds later. 

She checks around to see if anyone has noticed before grabbing the package for Mr Watson and Ms Marsden and delivering it to their home. 

The couple, who were watching the camera at home, thought she might have been hurt as she crouches down after jumping out of the van. 

After a few seconds, she quickly pulls up her trousers and gets back to the delivery of the hair trimmer

The Amazon driver delivered the package after her quick toilet break and was soon driving off to complete other deliveries 

Amazon has previously faced criticism from drivers for not allowing enough time for bathroom breaks on delivery routes. 

Members of the GMB union based at a Coventry warehouse walked out earlier this week in a dispute over pay after voting in favour of taking industrial action.

The union, which isn’t recognised by the retail giant, is asking for a base pay of £15.  

Warehouse operatives for Amazon are currently being recruited for wages of £10.75 an hour, which equates to nearly £21,000 per annum for those working 37 and a half hours a week. Operatives also have the option of working overtime. 

An Amazon spokesperson said: ‘We have very high standards for the delivery service providers we work with and how they serve customers. We will contact the customer to apologise for the experience and make this right.’ 

 The spokesperson said they were committed to treating drivers with respect and set ‘realistic performance expectations’. 

They continued: ‘We use sophisticated technology to plan delivery routes to ensure that drivers aren’t receiving and driving with too many packages. 

‘Drivers deliver at their own pace and take breaks at their discretion and this is clearly communicated during training.’

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