M&S apologises after shopper is charged £1,599 for £1 bunch of bananas in barcode blunder

A SHOPPER couldn't believe her eyes when she was charged £1,599 for a bunch of bananas in Marks and Spencers.

Cymbre Barnes, 28, from London, said it wasn't until she spotted the eye-watering figure on the receipt that she realised she had payed out a small fortune for the fruit.

She had popped into M&S on the way to work to get some food for the day – grabbing the £1 bunch of bananas.

In a rush, she tapped her Apple Pay, which doesn't have a spending limit, without realising how much she was being charged.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Cymbre said a notification flashed up on her screen telling her that she had spent £1,602 on her shopping.

"I was in a rush before work so when I got to self-checkout I used contactless and it was instant," she said.

"I did a double take when I saw the screen but by then my receipt was already being printed. It was too late."

Realising the mistake, Cymbre spoke to a staff member but in a further stroke of bad luck, was told the only till in the shop was broken and would not be fixed for several days.

She was told that she would need to go to another store in order to get a refund.

In the end the 28-year-old had to walk 45 minutes to the nearest Sparks to demand her money back.

A spokesperson for Marks & Spencer told the publication that this was an "isolated payment error".

They added that they had since apologised to the customer and offered compensation.

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