Painful moment Irish E scooter rider crashes into pavement barrier

E wasn’t expecting that! Painful moment Irish E scooter rider crashes into pavement barrier

  • Hapless rider can be seen careering down a path straight into a gate in Dublin
  • An average of 14 e-scooter incidents per week were recorded in Ireland last year

An electric scooter rider in Ireland was poleaxed after failing to spot a barrier in front of him and colliding head on with it at speed.

The hapless rider can be seen careering down a pathway at great speed in doorbell camera footage from a nearby house.

Sensibly, the man was wearing a hi-viz jacket to make himself visible to pedestrians and road users.

But he himself failed to spot the huge, silver metal barrier in front of him as he hurtled towards it, seemingly oblivious.

The rider built up speed as he sped down the hill before being close-lined as his chest went into the solid metal gate.

The impact can be heard making a sickening thud in footage of his shocking crash.

He was knocked to the ground and his scooter was sent flying in the opposite direction.

Absorbing what had just happened, the man could then be heard growning on the ground.

The horror moment in Dublin on Monday was captured on a Ring security camera on a neighbouring house.

Local resident Griff Webber said: ‘How’s he not seen that?’

The hapless rider built up speed as he sped down a small hill towards the metal gate

Still seemingly oblivious, the scooter rider hurtles towards the gate in the doorbell camera footage

The man, who wore a ho-viz jacket so he wouldn’t be missed, clearly didn’t spot the gate himself

That’s got to hurt: The scooter rider is clothes lined by the silver gate before hitting the floor

Another, named Tom, joked: ‘That bar came out of nowhere.’

A third said: ‘First thought, this is a new gate.

‘But upon further review, there is a clear and well worn path around it.

‘I’m dumbstruck at this point.’

Eoin Donnellan felt the man’s pain, tweeting: ‘Jesus I can feel that from here.’

Like in the UK, electric scooters are not allowed on roads and pathways in Ireland.

They can only be used on private land.

Last year, there were 746 traffic incidents involving e-scooters recorded by Irish police, an average of 14 per week.

The figure is up 106 on 2021, when 640 traffic incidents were recorded, according to An Garda Síochána.

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