Scotland to be as HOT AS RIO this week as temperatures soar

SCOTLAND will be as hot as Rio on Tuesday as the hottest day of the year north of the border nudges 22C (72F) – but floods threaten as England's thunderstorms blow in.

The brief heatwave will go bang – although summer's second sizzle will follow and see Platinum Jubilee celebrations set for 24C (75F) in Scotland.

After 16C and showers tomorrow, a 1,000-mile-wide 'Moroccan melt' arrives.

Scotland is set to be as hot as 22C Rio. But lightning and thunder will push towards southern Scotland on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Next week will be fresher – but the Met Office said “very warm” temperatures are on the cards into June.

Ex-BBC forecaster John Hammond said there should be “Jubilee optimism” for celebrations from June 2-5, with warm weather due.


Met Office issues storm warning despite 26C heatwave set to hit next week

‘Hottest day of the year’ as temps to hit 24C & next week will be WARMER

Highs are set to climb towards 24C in Scotland, early June warm spell temperature data trends show.

Ex-BBC and Met Office forecaster John Hammond of weather trending said: "It's warmth with a bang as a plume of warm air drifts up from southern Europe. Temperatures could well shoot into the mid-20s.

“The potential is there for a lot of rain in some places. Flooding is a possibility.

“May 23-29 may well bring a cooler contrast. But there is Jubilee optimism, with warmer-than-normal weather more likely as we start June, with plenty of dry weather favoured through the early part of the month for Platinum Jubilee celebrations.”

Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna said: “The mid-20s are expected with very warm weather for several days now. Temperatures will be a good 5-7C above the mid-May average

"But thunderstorm warnings have been issued."

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A Met Office forecaster said: “There is a trend to drier conditions from the end of May, with fine and dry weather generally, but some showers possible, and temperatures warm or very warm into June.

The Environment Agency said: “Local flooding is possible from surface water across England and Wales through Monday, and in parts east and central England on Wednesday. Land, roads and some properties may flood and there may be travel disruption.”


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