Sir Keir Starmer meets French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris to discuss ripping up Rishi's Brexit deal | The Sun

BREXIT was on the menu in Paris today as Sir Keir Starmer sat down for 45 minutes of private talks with President Macron.

The Labour chief’s dash to Paris came as France and Germany floated a new associate membership of the EU for Britain.

Downing Street today scotched any talk of Britain joining a new two speed Europe suggested by Mr Macron.

But a Starmer government was said to be the prime target for a new tiered membership scheme dreamt up in Paris and Berlin to lure Britain back to Brussels.

A Franco-German policy paper tabled yesterday revealed a plan to set up an “inner circle” of nations willing to sign up to even more EU integration by 2030 – alongside a new outer tier of membership for “even the UK”.

But outer members would still have to be EU rule takers for access to the Single Market and under the jurisdiction of the EU courts.

A Brussels source told The Times: “It is carefully balanced politically to be a potential place for Britain without the need to ever re-join the EU or to hold a referendum.”

Sir Keir had admitted before his Paris jaunt that he wants to renegotiate the UK’s free trade agreement with the EU if he gets to No10.

Speaking to reporters after his meeting with the French premier, Starmer said: “We had a very political discussion… but also it was that opportunity to look at future prosperity, future security, some of the most pressing issues on my mind and on the president’s mind, and to discuss ideas about how we improve the relationship between our two countries.”

And he said he told Macron he intends “to build on that relationship and make it even stronger than it is today.”

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Meanwhile fresh experts warn the EU will be reluctant to offer a Labour government anything beyond a "short, technical review" rather than a major re-write of the EU/UK deal when its reviewed in 2025  – unless they tried to rejoin the Single Market and Customs Union.

Officially Labour say that is not their plan but the Tories have accused him of wanting to unpick Brexit.

Asked last night if Rishi Sunak would consider proposals to be an "associate EU member", his spokesman gave a firm "no".

He added: "During the negotiations it was clear what the requirements would come with that, and the view of the government that to maintain the freedoms of Brexit and the flexibility that brings.

"Be it setting taxes on beer, or genetic modification or the ability to move quickly on developing medicines."

A Labour spokesperson said associate EU membership would be a "non-starter" for Sir Keir.

They added: "Labour will seek a better deal for Britain. This does not involve any form of membership.”


SIR Keir Starmer scored an own goal by presenting the French leader with a football shirt with a ‘Visit Rwanda’ logo.

The Labour leader gave Emmanuel Macron an Arsenal jersey as a gift emblazoned with the logo of the Premier League club’s tourism partner.

The party say they will scrap the government’s £140 million policy of sending asylum seekers  to the African country to have their claims processed.

The latest legal battle to get deportation flights off the ground is expected to start at the Supreme Court in October.

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