EastEnders fans ‘rumble’ Christmas death after brutal prison attack

In our second visit to EastEnders this week, there was no shortage of drama afoot as Suki Panesar upped the stakes to try and bring down Ravi Gulati.

The nail biting drama on Tuesday, 19 September, first kicked off with Suki meeting with Ravi in The Albert, where she intended to record his confession about killing Ranveer Gulati, his adoptive father.

However, in a cruel twist just as she was about to secure the evidence she needed, a sudden phone call from the prison forced her to stop, as it was revealed that her son Kheerat had been badly beaten while serving time.

In another brutal blow, it then emerged that Ravi had orchestrated the attack when he threatened to inflict more harm on Suki and the people she loved if he she didn’t stop her crusade for justice.

Undeterred by his threats, Suki turned to Ravi’s former lover Denise Fox in the hopes that she would help her bring Ravi to justice, however Denise refused, as she feared for her own family’s safety given the threats he had been making.

In response to the lack of help on all fronts, an exasperated Suki then decided to pursue a different revenge tactic when she impulsively told Ravi’s son Nugget, that his father may well have killed the man he’d known as his grandfather – despite her trying to protect him from the truth earlier in the day.

Clearly horrified by the news, Nugget was devastated by the realisation of what his father was capable of, but will it be enough to make him turn his back on his dad?

Fans at home were quick to share their thoughts on the situation, with one viewer writing: “Nugget & Suki's relationship is so precious. Despite what Ravi has done to her she's still trying to protect Nugget and keep him safe, like she couldn't for her own children. I'm gonna cry.”

A second then added: “Oh Suki 🙁 “this is for Kheerat” she wants her boy home so badly, she’s not gonna give up is she…even if it’s dangerous for her.”

Before a third commented: “Ravi has had Kheerat legs broke because Suki tried to record a confession. Nasty piece of work. I hope it’s either Ravi or Nish on the floor (at Christmas). Both would be excellent twist.”

Meanwhile a fourth shared their opinion adding: "Ravi getting Kheerat's leg broken just to punish Suki is beyond cruel, she's almost at breaking point."

But could that breaking point be enough to see her resort to murder?

One fan certainly seemed to think so, adding: "Ravi is definitely dead at Christmas."

Before a second echoed: "One minute I think it’s Theo dead on xmas day then I think it’s Nish and now it’s Ravi! Keeping us on our toes."

EastEnders continues Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer

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