Unjabbed mother dies of Covid in hospital weeks after getting birth

‘For God’s sake, get the vaccine’: Family’s plea after unjabbed mother, 37, dies from Covid in hospital weeks after giving birth to baby daughter she never got to hold

  • Unvaccinated mother-of-five died with Covid after giving birth to her daughter 
  • Saiqa Parveen, 37, caught the deadly virus when she was eight-months pregnant
  • The mother-of five was placed on ventilator and tragically died on November 1

The family of an unvaccinated mother-of-five who died of Covid in hospital after giving birth to her baby daughter she never got to hold have issued an urgent plea to ‘get the jab’. 

Saiqa Parveen, 37, from Ward End, Birmingham, was eight-months pregnant when she contracted the virus on September 14 but as her conditioned worsened, she was taken to intensive care where she tragically passed away on November 1.

After previously refusing the vaccine, doctor’s battled to save Saiqa’s life and the mother-of-five underwent an emergency caesarean section at full term on September 26. 

Tragically, the mother-of-five never got the chance to hold or see her baby daughter, Dua Maryam, who was delivered at Good Hope hospital in Sutton Coldfield because she was placed on a ‘ventilator in intensive care’.  

The family of Saiqa Parveen (pictured), a mother-of-five who died of Covid in hospital after giving birth to her daughter she never got to hold have issued an urgent plea to ‘get the jab’

Saiqa had previously ‘signed documents’ which granted doctors permission to deliver her baby if her condition worsened, according to her brother, Qayoum Mughal, 54.

Meanwhile, her husband Majid Ghafur, 40, told Sky News ‘she didn’t even know if she’d had a baby girl or a boy’. 

He added: ‘It’s very sad, very sad. It was just shocking. She didn’t have a chance to talk to me, five minutes even, to tell me about the daughters, you know, what to do.’

He added that the tragedy had changed his family’s life ‘completely’ and that he was left thinking ‘how do I copy with this?’

Her devastated brother, Mr Mughal, said the mother-of-five had been ‘offered the vaccine in the summer’ but was waiting until she’d delivered her baby to have her jab, according to Birmingham Live.

He is now desperately urging people who have not received their Covid jab to get inoculated against the virus urgently. 

Speaking in the wake of his sister’s death, he said:  ‘For God’s sake, get the vaccine. It will save a life or you will lose everything.’

The mother-of-five leaves behind her beloved husband Majid Ghafur, 40, and her five daughters Noor, 12, Imaan, 11, Hibbah, eight and Ayesha, six – and their newborn baby Dua, who she never got to hold or see.

Saiqa (left) leaves behind husband Majid Ghafur, 40, (right) and five daughters Noor, 12, Imaan, 11, Hibbah, eight and Ayesha, six – and newborn baby Dua, who she never got to hold or see

Her brother, who has previously contracted the deadly virus, said that Saiqa’s children were able to make a final Facetime call to their mother in hospital. 

‘One hour before she died her daughters face-timed her and said ‘Get up Mummy, we are waiting, we are missing you, we love you, why are you leaving us behind, just get up’.

‘They were praying and in tears,’ he added.

Saiqa was also battling life-threatening ‘sepsis in hospital and also had a hole in both her lungs, as well as double pneumonia’.

Hospital staff allowed her taxi-driver husband to see her on October 21 but he was informed that she was ‘very ill’, and just over a week later she heartbreakingly died in hospital just before 10pm on Monday.

This news comes as it was revealed last week that at least thirteen pregnant women have died from Covid since July, according to a study that has renewed calls for ministers to boost vaccination uptake rates among expectant mothers.

Saiqa Parveen died at the Good Hope Hospital in Sutton Coldfield (pictured) earlier this month

Data from Oxford University’s MBRRACE-UK study on maternal health has shown that around 85 per cent of the fatalities were unvaccinated.

The figure is higher than in the first and second waves of the pandemic, where nine and 11 pregnant women died when jabs were not yet available.  

Experts also told The Guardian that pregnant women are being turned away from jab centres, despite evidence showing the jabs are safe.

It comes as ministers have been urged to prioritise reaching those who have yet to take up their jab as efforts to increase booster uptake are unlikely to prevent further deaths and hospitalisations.   

Pregnant women who have not been vaccinated make up nearly a fifth of the most ill Covid patients in intensive care.

Medical experts urged hesitant mothers-to-be to get the Covid jab – warning they put themselves and their babies at risk of severe illness and death by not doing so.

Misinformation by so-called ‘anti-vaxxers’ was blamed by officials for fuelling false beliefs that the jabs pose risks to expectant mothers.

NHS England said 17 per cent of Covid patients receiving treatment through a special lung-bypass machine were unvaccinated mothers-to-be.

Data also showed pregnant women accounted for 32 per cent of all females aged between 16 and 49 in intensive care on the machine used when a patient’s lungs are so damaged by Covid that ventilators do not work. 

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