Waitrose loses another major breakfast brand

Waitrose loses another major breakfast brand: Retailer to stop selling family-owned company’s porridge oats after 50 years in fresh blow to shoppers after Warburtons were pulled from shelves

  • Waitrose has stopped selling products from Cheshire-based firm Mornflake
  • Recently the  supermarket pulled all Warburtons products from its shelves  

Waitrose has pulled a much-loved breakfast cereal from its supermarket shelves which has been a morning staple for the past 50 years. 

The supermarket, which is incredibly popular among middle class families, has pulled Mornflake from the shelves, just weeks after it withdrew all products from Warburtons. 

The retailer has been adjusting the products it offers customers as part of the continuing cost of living crisis which has seen the cost of food increase in all major supermarkets. 

 According to The Telegraph, Mornflake began trading in 1675 and is believed to be the fifth-oldest company in the country. 

It is currently run by the fifteenth generation of the family.  

Waitrose has ended a 50-year relationship with one of Britain’s oldest companies as the supermarket reduces the number of bands it offers at its stores

Recently, the retailer also de-listed Warburtons products from its shelves 

The company reportedly wrote to customers to say they were ‘very disappointed’ and ‘confused’ by the decision. 

Other firms have been warned they must ‘rationalise’ the number of products they have on the shelves. 

A source told The Telegraph: ‘The Waitrose belief is that by reducing range they make their supply chain more efficient and reduce costs.’

A spokesperson for the retailer told the paper: ‘We’re proud to support British. This is clear from the huge range of products we stock, to our unparalleled support for British farmers.

‘Our customers want new inspiration alongside their favourites. Like every retailer, we review our range on commercial performance – including loyalty data and customer feedback – removing duplication to make way for exciting additions.

‘Doing so means we can offer even better value, and give a platform to brilliant British brands, like healthy ready meals from ByRuby, and Barra Gin from a start-up distillery in the Outer Hebrides.’

MailOnline has approached Waitrose and Mornflake for a comment.  

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