We can’t watch TV as a nightmare whistling noise has been driving us mad for months – no one is helping | The Sun

FUMING residents are being driven mad by a whistling noise in their tower blocks as loud as a pneumatic drill.

Tenants of the 11-storey building have been blighted for 18-months by the high-pitched screeching sound which happens whenever the wind blows.

It started after work to replace the cladding and windows was completed.

The whistling, which reaches 90 decibels – the same as a lawnmower or a power tool – is enraging residents.

More than 40 residents in the 67-flats in Gaywood House, Bristol, have been in touch with the council complaining about the noise which is leading some to consider moving out.

Retired driver Dave Williams, 60, said: “You can’t listen to the TV, read or concentrate on anything – you just have to get out of the flat to avoid the noise.

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“The sound is like what you imagine living in a tent in the North Pole is like – it whistles around the windows but the strange thing there isn’t any draft.

“People are beginning to call this place Whistling Towers but we just want it to stop because we can’t put up with it any longer.”

HIs wife Lou, who suffers from migraines is even more badly affected by the whistling noise in their flat.

She said: “As soon as the whistling starts I just leave and go to my mum’s house. We can’t continue to live with this as it’s affecting my health.

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“If they can’t solve the problem then we are going to have to move out because we just can’t live with this every time the wind blows.”

The couple moved into Gaywood House in November 2019 when the flats were being reclad and their windows replaced.

But as soon as the scaffolding came down the problem with the whistling began and their lives have been blighted ever since.

Contractors Rate Avon have been back many times to try to solve the problem without success.

Dave added: “They came and put sealant all around the windows and that made the flat warmer and the noise did stop for a couple of days. But as soon as the wind began to blow again the whistling returned."

Another resident, John Howell, 62, who lives on the second floor said: “The wind is worst on the lower floors for some reason.

“I just try to turn the TV up to drown out the noise but even that doesn’t work when it’s really bad.

“It seems that the problem is affecting the lower floors perhaps because of neighbouring buildings funnelling the wind around the building.” 

A spokeswoman for Bristol City Council said it was aware of the problem at Gaywood House.

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She said: “The issue was raised before the 12-month defect period and was highlighted to the main contractor for them to resolve.

“Following a meeting with residents and a joint site visit with the contractor we have identified flats where further investigation of this isolated issue is required.”

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