We're disgusted at the state of one of the UK's biggest tourist hotspots – it's covered in horse poo and it stinks | The Sun

FUMING workers have slammed the “disgusting” state of one of the UK's biggest tourist hotspots which is covered in horse poo.

Passers-by in London's West End have blasted the Met Police for not picking up after their horses and leaving the mess for others to clean.

Those in the capital believe that cops should be held accountable like dog owners and pick up the manure.

Some said the faeces could pose a threat to cars and pedestrians’ safety.

While others complained that members of the public would be fined if they did the same as the police.

A visitor from Mexico City said the mess could injure commuters wearing high heels.

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Sandra, was on day two of her five day trip to the capital and said the force are responsible for their animals’ waste.

The 48-year-old resident of Ontario, Canada, said: “The horses are part of the police’s supporting equipment, so they want to look after that.

“We actually went to the Changing of the Guard this morning and saw some, I can see how sometimes that could happen.

Discussing police horse manure being left, she said: “I have mixed feelings about, right, I think it’s pleasant that horses are allowed.  

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“But it’s not fun, probably someone going to work in high heels could slip over [on the manure.]

“I’m originally from Mexico City, so it’s just chaos and I’m used to that.

“I would say that somebody has responsibility to [pick it up], I don’t think that it’s necessarily at the government levels – maybe it’s for the smaller councils. 

“I don’t know if that would be police responsibility.”

Meanwhile hotel corporate finance advisor Belala Ahmed, said the mess had a "disgusting smell".

The 33-year-old said: “It’s horrible. I’m sick of it, there’s a lot in the area. 

“It’s got a disgusting smell as well, 100 percent.”

Steve Thomas, 41, works in security five days a week in Covent Garden.

He sees police horses foul in the area “two or three times a week.”

Steve, from Old Street, said the mess is slippery and could pose a danger to cars. 

“It doesn’t bother me too much because I don’t drive, but for cars it’s going to be another problem, because it could become slippery. 

“If it was you or me letting the horse do its business and then carrying on going, we would be fined for it. 

“I see it two or three times a week easily. 

“I’ve never a police officer clean it up. You’re lucky if you see them get off their horses. They don’t stop unless there is a football match, all they’re doing is parading the streets. 

“Maybe if they provided more funding they will have the manpower to deal with [the horse manure.]”

Suzanne Sampson, from near Chicago, said police officers should pick up after their animals.

The hospital administrator was in the first few hours of her trip to London, and said: “The police officers have to pick up after themselves, because someone has to clean it up.

“They have got to step down off the horse.”

But Royal Opera House stage builder Jason Peters believes dog poo is a bigger problem in across Covent Garden. 

He said: “It’s fine, it’s not much, just a bit, it’s no stress really – it’s just a bit of poo.

“All it is is hay and grass, they don’t stink much. 

“There is more dog poo. The officers, I don’t think they should be cleaning it up."

His colleague, Stephen Rex, 27, said sea gulls were more frustrating. 

He said: “The real problem is the sea gulls, BB gun them. 

“I spend a lot time here, I don’t see a lot of it really.

“I don’t think it’s a massive problem really, but I don’t think that it’s something that any old street cleaner should clean.”

An 18 year-old French student visiting London, who did not want to be named, said it is not force’s job to pick up after the beasts.

She said: “I think it’s not really the job of police, there is a lot of stuff to do.

“I went to Westminster, there was some there. In London it’s got to be cleaned because there are lots of tourists, it’s just that it’s disgusting.”


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The teen said she loves London – as a result she believes more should be done to maintain it.

The Met Police have been contacted for comment.

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