You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the sneaky snake hiding in this optical illusion | The Sun

A MIND-BOGGLING optical illusion has captured the attention of puzzle lovers everywhere.

If you too are eager to test your perception, try and find the snake in this optical illusion.

The picture depicts a snake charmer sitting in front of a basket and playing a flute.

But the snake it is apparently trying to hypnotise is nowhere to be seen – at first glance.

A closer look at the image, shared by Freshers Live, will reveal the snake hiding in plain sight.

This kind of optical illusion is a fun and engaging way to explore the workings of your brain and your perception.

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It will help to train your mind to look beyond what is presented to you and think outside of the box.

Were you able to spot the snake?

If so, you likely have excellent cognitive and observational skills.

If not, feel free to take a look at the solution below.

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You will see the snake creeping up the left arm of the snake charmer, blending into their shirt sleeve.

Regularly testing your eyes and brain with optical illusions can be a helpful exercise.

If you enjoyed the challenge, or think you might benefit from further testing, take a look at our other puzzles.

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