WestStein card for online shopping

There is evidence that by 2040, 95% of all purchases will be made through online commerce. And these statistics are not taken from the air, because every day hundreds and thousands of cash transactions are carried out in a non-cash way, in the frequency and payment for purchases on the Internet. But in addition to choosing the right product, consumers are concerned about their safety, because there are quite a few illegal frauds aimed at obtaining confidential data of cardholders. So, in order to protect yourself from cyber fraudsters, you should acquire a suitable financial instrument, such as a WestStein card for online purchases.

Before ordering a Mastercard prepaid card, we suggest that customers familiarize themselves with its functionality and advantages over other financial instruments.

WestStein Virtual Prepaid Card

Let’s start with the fact that the card for online purchases does not have a physical embodiment, that is, it is digital, but it has individual details, including CVC and PIN.

It is also possible to use it in real stores, it is enough to register the card in applications like Google Pay. This is a fairly convenient system of electronic payments. It is suitable for any device, smartphone, tablet, smart watch, where the NFC function is present. It should be noted that thanks to this function, the consumer does not need to enter card details on each site – it is enough to register it once in an electronic wallet.

The card for online purchases from our service has another significant advantage – it is not tied to your main bank account, which guarantees 100% confidentiality. In turn, a reliable WestStein online account is available online at any time, and is also protected no worse than banking counterparts.

Who benefits from a shopping card?

Opening a free online account and getting a digital payment instrument is beneficial for fans of online shopping. With such a card, you will not worry about a possible leakage of finances, because you will replenish your account immediately before the transaction. This is what our experts recommend. The shopping card, which can be issued online in just a couple of minutes, also does not have a credit part. This helps the client learn to rely only on his own funds, and also minimizes the risk of spending “in the red.”