What happened to Baby P and who are his killers Tracey Connelly, Steven Barker and Jason Owen?

But what's the story behind the headlines and who are the three people jailed over his death?

What happened to Baby P?

The heartbreaking brutality of the abuse suffered by Peter Connelly – known as Baby P – in the months before his death appalled Britain.

Little Peter was born to mum Tracey Connelly in March 2006 and died at her Tottenham home after suffering a haunting catalogue of injuries on August 3 2007.

Two months after Peter's birth Connelly had started a relationship with Steven Barker at whose hands the tot would suffer appalling abuse.

Peter was admitted to hospital with injuries on several occasions and his mum was twice arrested.

But a day after Tracey Connelly was told she would not face prosecution the 17-month-old was found dead in a blood-stained cot.

Peter had suffered more than 50 injuries over eight months and had been seen by a string of social workers, the Metropolitan Police and health professionals.

They all missed warning signs that could have saved the toddler's life – with it later being revealed that the tot's devious carers had smeared him with chocolate before visits to hide bruises and cuts.

The abuse included repeatedly choking the 17-month-old until he turned blue and encouraging a Rottweiler to attack him.

A post-mortem examination later revealed that he had probably already suffered a broken back and fractured ribs

A court ruled that Baby P died at the hands of his mother, her boyfriend Steven Barker, and his brother Jason Owen – who had moved into their home with a 15-year-old girl.

Who are Tracey Connelly, Steven Barker and Jason Owen?

Peter's mum Tracey Connelly pleaded guilty to causing or allowing the death of a child or vulnerable person in 2008.

She was handed an indefinite sentence and told she would serve at least five years behind bars.

She was released in October 2013 but put back inside a year-and-a-half later after facing charges of selling indecent images of herself.

Connelly was denied parole yesterday and will now spend at least two more years banged up.

Officials ruled that she is still a danger to the public and it is unlikely she will have another review within the two year time frame.

In the meantime she is believed to have been moved from HMP Styal in Cheshire to HMP Low Newton near Durham.

Steven Barker and his brother Jason Owen were both found guilty of  causing or allowing the death of a child or vulnerable person following a trial

Connelly's boyfriend Barker was caged for 12 years for his role in the death and refused parole in August 2017.

Barker is also serving a life sentence, with a minimum of 10 years, for raping a two-year-old.

His brother Jason Owen was handed a six-year-old sentence.

He was released in 2011 after serving three years but later returned to prison after breaching his bail conditions.

Has Tracey Connelly been granted contact with her kids?

Tracey Connelly is being allowed to “build bridges” by social workers.

The evil mum, who stood by as her partner tortured Baby P to death, does not deserve a second chance at motherhood, a source said.

She hopes the move will help her win her second parole.

But the source said: “This is a woman who has allowed her baby boy to be repeatedly attacked and tortured while she basically did nothing.

“She watched her own child starve and be brutally attacked, and yet now she’s being given another chance to be a mother.

“She’s been given a chance to contact her other children. The contact is being encouraged with a view to building it up in the near future.

“It’s not even as though she’s sorry. She can regularly be heard to say how she wasn’t at fault for what happened to that poor baby boy.”

What inquiries followed the death of Baby P?

Two days after verdicts were delivered in the Baby P case, in November 2008, Children's Minister Ed Balls ordered an enquiry into the role of the local authority, NHS trust and police in the death of Peter Connelly.

The leader of Haringey's children's services would later resign along with the cabinet member with responsibility for the department.

The council's director of children's services Sharon Shoesmith was sacked, along with a social worker and three managers.

Shoesmith would later successfully appeal her sacking and publish a book about the case.

A GP who saw Baby P 14 times was suspended by the General Medical Council, with the NHS criticised by the Care Quality Commission for the failings in its care of the tot.

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