White House cocaine came from 'someone in the Biden family orbit'

White House cocaine may have come from ‘someone in the Biden family orbit’ and Joe KNOWS who it is, shock report claims

  • Three security sources, who work for U.S. government agencies, told Soldier of Fortune website that Joe Biden knows who brought cocaine to the White House
  • The drug was found on July 2 in a cubby where visitors leave their belongings before entering: Secret Service investigated, but closed the inquiry on July 11
  • The three sources told the website the same name, and said it was ‘someone in the Biden family orbit’ – but not recovering addict Hunter Biden  

President Joe Biden knows who brought cocaine onto the White House premises last month, and the culprit is ‘within the Biden family orbit’, according to a report.

Hunter Biden, who has been open about his cocaine addiction, was not involved, the source told Soldier of Fortune website.

The drug was found on July 2 in a cubby in the West Wing, where visitors leave their personal items prior to entering the main building.

Its discovery sparked an evacuation of the White House and a search by the hazardous material teams: Biden and his son Hunter, 53, were at Camp David at the time.

It is unclear how long the bag was there before it was discovered, and officials set low expectations for identifying who brought it.

Cocaine was found on the grounds of the White House on July 2. Pictured: the Congressional picnic on July 19

Three sources told Soldier of Fortune website that the culprit was ‘within the Biden family orbit’ – but it was not Hunter Biden

The Secret Service began an investigation, using DNA and fingerprint analysis.

There were no cameras situated in a position to capture footage of the offender, officials said – claims that Donald Trump and his allies ridiculed.

Secret Service spokesman Anthony Gugliemi told NBC News that they had compiled a list of 500 people potentially involved, but the agency ruled interviewing all 500 as it would have been a strain on resources and would infringe upon civil liberties.

Gugliemi added that it would likely be fruitless without corresponding physical evidence tying any person to the drugs.

The small amount of cocaine – 208 milligrams or about .007 ounce – would only result in a misdemeanor charge in the District of Columbia.

The Secret Service closed the investigation on July 13, saying the culprit had not been found.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed on July 17 the Secret Service probe had been ‘thorough’ despite Republican claims of a cover-up

Three security sources, who currently work for a U.S. government agency, told the website Soldier of Fortune the same name for the person who brought the cocaine onto the premises.

‘If you want the name, ask Joe Biden,’ one source said. ‘He knows who it is.’

A second source told the site: ‘It was someone within the Biden family orbit, and it wasn’t Hunter.’

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