Woman left with horrific facial burns and oozing pus after botched wrinkle treatment at Turkish clinic

A WOMAN has been left with horrific facial burns and oozing pus after a botched wrinkle treatment in a Turkish clinic.

"They are butchers," said Filiz Demet, 40, after a wrinkle removal treatment in the city of Kahramanmaras, southeastern Turkey, left her with pus pouring out of her skin and even bleeding from her eyes.

According to national newspaper Bursada, Ms Demet visited the clinic to get rid of the wrinkles in her forehead.

The 40-year-old was told by the beautician it was best she did not know what it was so she would not send out bad energy.

She said: "The specialist there told me that filling is not a permanent solution, and the wrinkles on my forehead would reappear after six months.

"She wanted to apply another method.

"I asked what the method she mentioned was, but she said that if she told me, I would be worried and the result would be bad because I would spread bad energy into the universe, so she did not tell me what method she was going to use, but insisted, saying that my face would look like baby skin."

Ms Demet, who paid £261 for the procedure, said the beautician proceeded to apply a numbing cream on her face and performed a laser treatment called "Flexcr Laser".

After the procedure, Ms Demet said she started feeling her face swelling and bruising.

She said that after going home her face started to burn, pus was pouring out of her skin and was even bleeding from her swollen eyes.

Ms Demet says she has now been left unable to work due to her injuries andhas hired a lawyer to take the salon to court.

She added: "I had several bad experiences in different beauty salons as well; therefore, I warn women living in this city, do not go to the beauty centres here. They are not specialists; they are butchers."

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