Woman REGRETS Botox after she got injections to 'fix gummy smile' – and says 'now I know better'

A WOMAN says she REGRETS getting Botox after she got injections to "fix" her "gummy smile."

TikTok user @drearandolph says "I know I messed up" but "now I know better" after she got the injections.

The TikToker – whose name is Drea Randolph, according to her profile – shared a before and after of the injections with her followers.

"I got botox injections to fix my gummy smile and I can't go back," she wrote.

Randolph shared pictures of her smile before she says she got the injections.

She then smiled in a clip, revealing how her upper lip does not go up as much due to the Botox.

In the comments of her video, she said she got six units of the injections.

Replying the in comments to one person, she said it was "just too much for me so it looks the way it does."

"I KNOW it'll come back in 2-3 months," Randolph said, acknowledging that her injections will wear off over time.

She added: "But the 'you look like a who from whoville' comments are testing me."

Despite regretting the result, Randolph told her followers "IT'S OKAY."

"I know I messed up, but the beauty is that it'll go away in a couple months and now I know better," she commented.

People commented on the video – with some sharing their own horror stories.

"GIRL I DD THIS AND IT WENT AWAY EVENTUALLY!!" one person commented.

Another person said: "Bro my smile is extremely gummy and u might have convinced me not to get it fixed."

One person assured her: "Both honestly look fine, but I'm glad that in doing this you found more confidence in your original smile sometimes you gotta miss what you have."

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