Anne Hathaway & Zendaya’s Bulgari commercial should become a film

Anne Hathaway and Zendaya are brand ambassadors and models for Bulgari. What’s amazing about that is the two women agreed to do a commercial together for the jewelry company. The commercial/art film was directed by Paolo Sorrentino. Bulgari released the “director’s cut” of the commercial online this week and everyone is OBSESSED.

I would watch a whole movie of this. In fact, I’m mad that there isn’t already a whole movie of this. The movie would be like Dirty Rotten Scoundrels-meets-Ocean’s Eleven. Zendaya and Anne clearly met in their early days, hustling rich, shady men in Monte Carlo. They unexpectedly fell in love. They still grifted rich guys, but they always had each other. Then one day, they came up with a plan, the ultimate score. They would both marry wealthy Italian noblemen and “dispose” of their husbands in a comfortable amount of time. They were successful, so now they live in a huge, airy palace and all they do is strut around in great clothes, looking at all of their fabulous jewelry and writing bad poetry. It is truly the lesbian action-romance-drama we need.

Screencaps courtesy of Bulgari.

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