Brian Walshe's Murdered Wife Died with $2.8 Million, Inheritance a Motive?

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The man accused of brutally murdering and dismembering his wife in Massachusetts may have had a motive … inheriting lots of money.

Brian Walshe‘s wife left a real estate portfolio worth $2.8 million, and it’s almost certain prosecutors will weave this into their case against him.

Prosecutors say Walshe performed Google searches on ways to obtain money from people who have disappeared, typing into the search bar, “how long for someone to be missing to inherit.” Walshe did this on the heels of Ana Walshe’s disappearance.

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Ana was connected to eight properties in D.C., Maryland, and Massachusetts while she was a general manager for Tishman Speyer, a commercial real estate firm.

Brian Walshe Pleads Not Guilty To Murder, Dismemberment Of Wife

Brian Walshe Pleads Not Guilty To Murder, Dismemberment Of Wife

Since 2018, Ana had sold four properties, but still owned another four — valued at nearly $3 million — at the time she vanished on New Year’s Day from her home in suburban Boston.

Walshe pled not guilty to charges of murder and improper handling and transport of human remains. He was arrested Jan. 8 after misleading investigators and has been held without bail ever since.

The Norfolk District Attorney says Walshe killed Ana around New Year’s and chopped up her body before disposing of it. Police recovered a bloody knife from the basement of their home.

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Cops also discovered a hacksaw, hatchet, rugs and a COVID vaccine card with Ana’s name on it inside a dumpster taken from Walshe’s mom’s apartment complex.

What’s worse … Walshe allegedly scoured the Internet for information on how to dispose of a female body that weighs 115 pounds.

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