First full trailer for The Grand Tour shows explosive action, camels and Jeremy Clarkson dressed as James Bond

THE Grand Tour looks set to blow Top Gear out of the water when it hits screens next month as a new trailer shows explosive action, helicopter chases and even Jeremy Clarkson dressed as James Bond.

The new show fronted by former Top Gear hosts Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May has been a staggering budget of a reported £4.5 million per episode, and viewers can now see where the money went.

The stunning trailer reveals huge explosions, supercars, camels and even a tank, with the boys seeming back to their old ways as they give their former show a run for its money.

During the trailer, the hosts prove they have lost none of their onscreen chemistry as they rib James May about his broken arm, with Hammond ignoring his sling and asking "so which one is it".

In another scene Clarkson is seen doing an uncanny impression of James Bond as he struts around the desert in a cream suit.

The clip is packed with adrenaline-fuelled action sequences and fiery explosions, including a race between a sports car and a helicopter.

Viewers can also see shots fired from a tank and a huge fireball.

The show would not be complete without a fleet of supercars, with luxury vehicles seen racing around a track, off-roading and driving through picturesque countryside.

One scene also shows Clarkson with the futuristic controls of one particularly pricey model.

The clip shows the exotic desert location, and gives viewers a glimpse of action-packed shots across land, sea and air.

Hammond was seen in a speedboat and racing Clarkson on a jet ski.

The release marks the first time fans have been treated to a full-length preview of the show ahead of its debut on Amazon on 18 November.

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Hammond makes waves in the new showCredit: YouTube/The Grand Tour
Clarkson also took to the water for some high speed actionCredit: YouTube/The Grand Tour

However, the trailer failed to give any more clues about the show's glittering line-up of celebrity guests.

Previous reports have suggested producers are set to crush Top Gear by booking an array of famous faces to join the hosts as they motor around the world.

Matt Damon, 45, and Charlize Theron, 41, are said to be among the big-hitters lined up to appear on The Grand Tour later this year.

Fans hoping to get a glimpse of some Hollywood A-listers in the first trailer were left disappointed did not give away any of the show's line-up secrets.

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