Happy Mondays’ Bez in brutal dressing down of Remainers’ Brexit fear: ‘It’s not democracy’

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The Manchester-born musician, 56, has hit the headlines this week with a new YouTube workout series named Get Buzzin’ with Bez. The video spoofs the training of videos from body coaches including Joe Wicks and has been watched more than 76,000 times. The unlikely fitness hero, whose real name is Mark Berry, is best-known for his time with the Happy Mondays, where he was a percussionist and dancer. But in a political stance, Bez vocalised his fury with the European Union and supported some of the core values of Brexit. 

The musician admitted that he struggled with Brexit at first because he was “not a great fan of [Nigel] Farage” but also felt the EU’s governance was not right.

Bez said: “I remember seeing a speech he (Mr Farage) did about the EU and how they’d all gathered in Brussels to vote for their next president.

“There was one candidate and he was saying, ‘That’s not democracy’. 

“In a way he’s right – how can you only have one person to vote for?”

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The speech Bez referred to appears to have been Mr Farage’s verbal attack against Herman Van Rompuy, the former President of the EU Commission. 

Mr Farage described him as having “all the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk” during a rant in 2010.

Mr Farage was furious because he did not believe the leader was a “giant global political figure” who could “represent” every nation “on the world stage”.

Despite Bez supporting Mr Farage’s comment, he later quipped: “At the same time, it doesn’t really matter.”

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He gave details of his own entry into politics when he stood for the Salford and Eccles constituency in the 2015 general election. 

In 2019, Bez told Sputnik News: “When I stood for politics, I stood as an anarchist, and for me.

“The biggest problem we’ve got as a nation, if not the world is the banking system.

“If we don’t get rid of these private bankers who are financing every war and everything we’ve got going on in the world.

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“They are financing it all and it’s in the hands of a few private families.

“So we need to get rid of these unelected leaders of the world, who are causing this absolute chaos.”

Ahead of the British public making their voice heard when 52 percent of the nation voted in favour of leaving the EU, Bez made another comment. 

In 2016, he told Mancunian Matters that he was “definitely not voting on it” and believed the referendum was a distraction from bigger issues. 

Bez said: “I just think it’s a massive smokescreen and a farce. 

“It doesn’t matter which way you vote, in or out, it wouldn’t make a single bit of a difference to our lives.”

Bez, along with his political group the Reality Party, voiced opposition to fracking and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

He said: “What’s happening already with TTIP, nobody can get legal aid anymore – all that stuff what’s [sic] going on still will be going on, the plans continue.

“And yet we’re thrown this red herring to let us believe we’ve got this choice – to make us believe that we’re having some participation.”

Bez branded the referendum, which gave citizens in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales the right to vote “a load of rubbish”.

He claimed that getting control back after leaving the EU was an illusion because politicians would continue to operate in the same way.

Bez said: “It doesn’t make a difference and what they’ll do to us is turn around and say ‘you voted for it’.

“And what did we vote for? We haven’t voted for TTIP, we haven’t voted for the privatisation of the NHS, we haven’t voted for the end of all our social services, we haven’t voted for fracking.

“We’ve still got the same people, the same ruling elite ruling all over us, and the change doesn’t happen, and the TTIP takeover continues.”

Bez seemed less than optimistic about the future for British politics.

He stated: “We’ve got sociopaths running the Government, and their insane plans will continue regardless of whatever the vote is.”

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