Jodi Benson's 'Little Mermaid' Mocked Amid Halle Bailey's 1st Look as Ariel

Halle Bailey finally showed the world what she looks like as Ariel in “The Little Mermaid” reboot, but per usual — Twitter’s found a way to ruin it … by tearing down Jodi Benson.

Here’s the deal … Disney dropped the new ‘Little Mermaid’ trailer Friday, and while most everyone was in awe of the first look at Halle under the sea — some couldn’t help but draw comparisons to the original voice actor who played Ariel back ’89 … that’d be JB.

Some were grabbing clips from the animated film, including iconic singing parts, and putting them up side by side with Halle’s — going on to mock Jodi’s performance, by saying she sounds “a little flat.”

There was more mocking … including folks posting shots of Halle’s Ariel next to the animated Ariel and noting that HB has a ton of Grammys, while cartoon Ariel (aka, Jodi) had zero. In other words, just straight up besmirching the iconic work Jodi did all those years ago.

There was also someone who was trying to create drama between these two … which appears to be completely manufactured. They posted a screenshot of what looks to be a post on Jodi’s IG story, showing a photo of animated Ariel with the caption, “Love my Ariel.”

The Twitter user who grabbed this is trying to make it seem like Jodi posted this in response to the trailer coming out — and as a shot at Halle, but that’s not the case … it’s an old post.

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Fact is, Jodi has been nothing but supportive over Halle’s casting — something a good handful on the bird app noted as they tried to shut down this anti-Jodi narrative building among rabid Halle stans. The question … why can’t we celebrate each woman’s take???

There’s been some racist uproar over the fact Halle, who’s Black, was cast at all in this role — and now, this response seems to be extreme opposite reaction — at the expense of Jodi.

Truth be told, Halle looks and sounds fantastic as Ariel … as did Jodi. We would ask, can’t we all just get along and enjoy things??? But, unfortunately, we already know the answer.

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