Kirk Franklin’s Son Kerrion Accuses His Mom of Abuse and Assault During Livestream

Following a public fallout with his father, Kerrion Franklin says that he’s going to his grandmother’s house to ‘protect’ himself because his mother Tammy Collins allegedly physically abused and assaulted him.

AceShowbizKerrion Franklin has spoken out more about his family drama. After a very public fallout with his father Kirk Franklin, he took to Instagram Live to accuse his mom Tammy Collins of physical abuse and assault.

On Sunday, September 5, Kerrion was live-streaming with his family, claiming that he was “protecting” himself. “I’m ’bout to go to my grandmother’s house. I’m being abused right now, I was assaulted by my own mother,” said the 33-year-old, admitting that his mom tried to take him to the hospital.

During the exchange, Tammy gave a friendly wave to the camera and said that her son was looking for attention by going on live stream with such harsh allegations. In the clip obtained by The Neighborhood Talk, Kerrion’s mom appeared to be calm, denying his assault accusations. She said that he was “causing a scene.”

Kerrion’s accusations came after he posted audio of his father cursing him out in March. At the time, Kerrion said, “[Kirk] got the recordings I didn’t record him without him knowing he knows I’m always recording and still provokingly talks to me wild very often too often.”

Of Kerrion’s allegations, Kirk himself explained to Tamron Hall what led to his very public fallout with his son. Revealing that his son has had issues that took him “in and out of counseling and therapy for over 20 years,” he claimed that Kerrion became “more aggressive” as he became “a grown man.”

Kirk further claimed that he had “been trying to rally for years to try to help” his son. The 51-year-old gospel singer added that his relationship with Kerrion “can become very agitated and very frustrated.” Though the counseling and therapy didn’t seem to be successful just yet, he said, “I’m not going to stop trying to help, you know, he’s my son.”

Kirk then denied Kerrion’s allegations that he had abused him. “And again, as he’s gotten older, his disrespect has become more aggressive. But I’m confident that his mother, myself, Tammy, my family, there’s never been anything physical that concerns me, or even makes me uncomfortable because I know the truth, he knows the truth, and I love him,” he said. He then stressed, “I’m confident that there hasn’t been any physical abuse.”

Though Kirk denied the accusations, he had apologized for it. “Recently, my son and I had an argument that he chose to record. I felt extremely disrespected in that conversation and I lost my temper, and I said words that are not appropriate,” he explained. “I am sincerely sorry to all of you, I sincerely apologize.”

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