Kourtney Kardashian Lurked in the Comments and Responded to Claims She's Had a Butt Lift

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not celebs lurk on all the early aughts nostalgia accounts you follow, the answer is yes. And it looks like Kourtney Kardashian is well-aware of the iconic series of throwback posts @popcultureangel shared of “the kardashians before they became ‘the kardashians.'”

My personal fave from the series is obviously Kim and Kris’ Shape-Ups sneaker ad (truly, screaming), but there are also several amazing photos of Kourtney from back in the day when she still had side bangs.


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Of course, it only took approximately five seconds for commenters to start chatting about how different the Kardashians look now, and one fan kicked off the convo with “only one who really didn’t change was Kourt.” Meanwhile, another person countered that Kourtney has had “plenty of surgery” and that she just did it in an “extremely natural way that still complemented her features instead of changed them.” They went on to claim that Kourt has had botox, a nose job, and “some sort of butt shot or bbl just to start.”

Erm okay! Anyway, turns out that Kourtney was reading this entire exchange, and decided to weigh in. Which, fair enough, since everyone was literally talking about her. Ahem: “No better compliment than a too good to be real kind of compliment,” she wrote. “Butt shot and Brazilian butt lift, um thanks. And you were just getting started.”


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Sooooo, gonna go ahead and assume this means Kourtney hasn’t had these procedures, but either way it’s her business so moving on! And side note, none of the other Kardashians appear to be lurking in the comments of this post, just in case you were about to breath an exhausted sigh and investigate.

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