Megan Fox Wore a Bedazzled Thong to the MTV VMAs

Megan Fox is not slowing down her fashion tour de force. After stealing the spotlight at the Moschino fashion show in one of her signature monochromatic looks and following that epic outfit with a lingerie-as-business casual 'fit, she arrived at the 2021 MTV VMAs in a naked dress with a visible bedazzled thong.

While she's no stranger to barely-there clothes — let's not forget her Mugler moment at the Billboard Music Awards — and it's not unusual to see megawatt stars wear a naked dress on any red carpet, Fox's very look-at-me underwear is unusual. Naked dresses are usually about obscuring certain body parts and keeping the illusion as seamless as possible with invisible underwear and strategically placed beading or embellishment, but Fox's underwear was an eye-catching addition to her sheer dress.

The sheer gown included the usual trappings of a naked dress, including swathes of beading and sheer panels in addition to Fox's lingerie-inspired bodice, but the back of the dress — or Fox's blingy thong, that is — will definitely get people talking.

Fox arrived with her boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly, who traded out a black tongue and long, statement nails for face makeup that looked to be appliqued pearls along his jawline and one side of his nose. He also wore a set of rings that looked like metallic fingertips in addition to his gleaming, allover-beaded red suit. 

The VMAs are known for unforgettable fashion and it looks like Fox and her flame cemented themselves in the MTV mythos alongside people like Lil' Kim, who famously wore a purple pasty, and Lady Gaga, who arrived in a dress made out of raw meat in 2010.

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