NBA YoungBoy Cuts His Kids Off as He Rants Against His Baby Mamas

The ‘Late To Da Party’ rhymer calls out people who try to ‘suck me dry’ and portray him as ‘a monster’ towards his own kids, weeks after he traded shots with his exes Jania Meshell and Drea Symone.

AceShowbiz -NBA YoungBoy a.k.a. YoungBoy Never Broke Again continues to be embroiled in a complicated situation with his baby mamas. The young hip-hop star has publicly declared that he blocks all his kids as he’s feuding with his exes.

On Sunday, November 25, the “Outside Today” hitmaker unleashed his feelings on Instagram. He ranted against people who tried to “suck me dry” as he penned in a lengthy note, “I AIN’T BLIND…don’t nobody want to help me cause they want me to lose what I got. They always hated that they couldn’t suck me dry.”

While YoungBoy didn’t name names, it’s clear that he was talking about his baby mamas as he continued, “People tried to make me seem like a monster towards my own kids that s**t hurt.” Trying to protect himself, he apparently decided to cut all ties with his young children. He continued, “Now look what you’ve done…ain’t no coming back into my life until they’re old enough to deal with me on their own and see what type of man I really am and ‘HOW HARD I WENT FOR THEM’.”

“And y’all steady bringing up this unborn or newborn situation whatever the f**k y’all talking bout,” the 23-year-old fumed. “People need to learn to stop doing dirty s**t fir money you only hurting yourself cause ain’t no controlling me with your bad intentions.”

He said he has been warned by his fiancee Jazlyn Michelle, “Jaz been told me to stop trusting these h*es…I don’t give a f**k what the world think about me I know my heart and the people who truly for me do too.” He insisted, “As long as I’m not harming somebody I’m not going anything wrong and I’m proud of myself. F**k you and whoever else don’t like me I ain’t changing at all, they can stop wasting their time I’m long gone son. Peace and blessings!”

YoungBoy added in the caption, “I don’t want no problems bruh. ….man please leave me alone….don’t try to harm me. I’ll be damn if I don’t protect myself all because you don’t understand me. Play if you want! Yeah things getting to me but words ain’t damaging! Play if you want!!!!”

It’s unclear which of his exes who have irritated YoungBoy. Last month, he traded shots with Jania Meshell and Drea Symone as the two insinuated that he’s a deadbeat father.

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