Raccoon Falls Through Press Box Ceiling At MLS Match

Raccoon Falls Through Press Box Ceiling At MLS Match

It may have been raining cats and dogs in Utah, but one furry creature literally fell from the sky at a recent Real Salt Lake MLS game … ’cause a raccoon came crashing down into the press box!!

The wild moment happened at the RSL vs. Club Leon match that was slated to go down on Thursday … and during a weather delay, a hole formed in the ceiling above the journalists.

All of a sudden, a trash panda dropped into the room outta nowhere … and the scene from inside was quite hectic.

A local reporter shared a clip from the madness — apparently, the critter was hungry … ’cause it made a mad dash for the popcorn machine as soon as it landed in the press box.

Eventually, the raccoon made its way to the concourse at America First Field … where it got held up on a second-floor overhang as stadium workers used a broom to try and catch it.

The raccoon crawled it’s way up toward safety … but as it reached the top of the railing, the curious creature slipped and plummeted to the floor.

Fans chased after the raccoon on the ground level … with the procyonid showing off some shifty speed before it was eventually captured.

Folks on the scene say the raccoon was released at a nearby creek.

Real Salt Lake rescheduled its match against Mexican side Club Leon for Friday night … and who knows, maybe the raccoon will make an appearance as a live mascot!!

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