Expert reveals Kim Kardashian is the most beautiful of her sisters, according to the 'Golden Ratio'

THE KARDASHIAN-JENNER sisters are some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, according to experts who used the Golden Ratio, a math formula dating back centuries.

Despite the Kardashian sisters remaining silent on any plastic surgery, doctors have admitted that they violated the golden ratio by potentially getting work done that would impact their natural beauty.

The ancient Greeks claimed there was a Golden Ratio for perfection.

The ratio is a way of measuring physical perfection; the idea is that the closer the ratios of a face, body part, or room are to the number 1.62, the more beautiful it becomes.

The mathematical equation – known as Phi – sees the ideal facial proportions as 3:2:3.

It is worked out by analyzing the forehead to nose to chin areas.

Lucy Williams, the owner of Aurielle Aesthetics, analyzed several pics of the Kardashians to see how the sisters' faces scored, according to the formula.


Before: 3.2.2

After: 3.2.3

"Based on the golden ratio and face mapping, Kim's face is the closest to perfection out of all of her sisters and her mom," Williams revealed.

Williams also compared Kim's face a few years ago and her features now, claiming: "In Kim's before picture, her face is longer than it is wide, suggesting that she has a long face shape whereas in her after it's more of a heart shape, also known as the most attractive face shape."

"Kim's face is perfect in her after picture in regards to ratio, her length is 1.6 times the width of her face giving her a perfect ratio.

"Her nose appears more lifted and narrower suggesting she may have had a rhinoplasty, this has contributed to her face being equally segmented into fifths across the face giving her a perfect golden ratio.

"The position of the eyes in the face is of great importance to get a balanced face ratio and Kim's width of her eyes are also equal distance between the eyes.

"The length between Kim's nose to lips and lips to chin appears shorter and her lips fuller suggesting that she may have had some lip filler.

"Her eyebrows appear more lifted which could be from Botox to lift the brow or she could have had some threads to lift the area.

"The middle and lateral part of her cheeks appear fuller and her tear trough is less noticeable suggesting she has had cheek and tear trough fillers."


Before: 3.2.2

After: 3.2.3

Williams also described that Khloe's face, like Kim's, has gone from an oval shape to a heart-shaped face "mainly due to the changes in the lower part of her face, around the jaw."

She added: "The most obvious change I'm drawn to is her nose especially the tip which is significantly thinner, more lifted, and the nostrils are more visible which indicates to me that she had a surgical rhinoplasty.

"This in itself has balanced her golden ratio so her face is equally segmented into 1/5 width-wise."

Khloe admitted that she had gotten a nose job during the Keeping Up With the Kardashians show finale.

Williams continued: "With her face appearing slimmer, I would say it is possible this could be from weight loss – however she could have had some Buccal fat removal.

"This removes fat above the jowl area and will make the face appear slimmer along the jaw area. This is a treatment that we are starting to hear more about."

Williams also claimed that Khloe also has a perfect ratio between her eye to the eyebrow area. However, this area appears to elongate throughout time, "suggesting that she may have had a brow lift with Botox."


Before: 2.2.3

After: 3.2.3

Like her younger sisters, Kourtney's face shape has also changed from an oval to a heart shape over the years.

She also "has a perfect ratio in regards to her facial thirds being equal."

Williams also believes that Kourtney may have also had surgical rhinoplasty as before, her nose was slightly crooked and wider, and it now appears more straightened and lifted.

Kourtney could have also had Botox on her forehead, lip, and cheek fillers.


Before: 3.2.2

After: 3.2.2

"Her facial ratio and symmetry are perfect in regards to the golden ratio," revealed Williams.

"Kylie's face shape hasn't massively changed over the years, but her facial features have clearly changed."

Williams also believes that Kylie had rhinoplasty as well as her nose appears slimmer than before.


Before: 3.2.2

After: 3.2.3

According to Williams, Kendall's face fits perfectly into the golden ratio's three equal segments and the width of her face is equal across all parts. 

As it runs in the family, Kendall's face also is heart-shaped with her cheekbones being the widest part.

Williams claimed: "Her jaw appears slimmer and rounded suggesting that she may have had masseter Botox also known as jawline slimming, this procedure relaxes the muscle above the lateral part of the jaw causing the face to appear slimmer.

"Her lips appear slightly fuller over the years which could be a sign of lip filler. Her nose also appears thinner, which suggests she could have had a rhinoplasty or perhaps a less invasive option such as a nonsurgical rhinoplasty where dermal fillers are added to the bridge or tip of the nose to change the shape."

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