Four reasons to bin the fabric conditioner – it’s clogging your washing machine for starters, from an appliance expert | The Sun

YOU might love the softness fabric conditioner gives your clothes after they've been washed, not to mention the lush smell.

But according to one appliance expert it's one of the worst things you could put in your washing machine.

Posting on the Instagram account @consumerreports, Rich Handel shared four reasons why you should ditch the fabric conditioner for good.

First of all, it can leave a grim layer of residue on your clothes, which is less than ideal, and can irritate your skin and stain clothes in some cases.

And it's not just your clothes this residue can destroy, it can also linger in your machine leading to mould.

"Using too much detergent and—yes—fabric softener can actually cause buildup in your machine and leave behind a residue that can result in mold, thereby causing a problem you may feel compelled to fix with even more laundry detergent and scented fabric softener," the expert explained on Consumer Reports.



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According to Rich, one of the major downsides to fabric softener is that it "reduces the flame resistance of children's sleepwear."

Laundry expert and CEO of Laundryheap, Deyan Dimitrov told Wales Online: "The Flammable Fabrics Act of 1953 revealed that fabric softener can reduce the flame resistance of textiles due to the build-up of chemicals present.

"This is because fabric softeners contain emulsifiers and alcohol ethoxylates, both of which are flammable."

The flame-resistant chemicals which are used to treat children's clothes are an important safety measure, but fabric conditioners can reduce how well they work.

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This means clothes could be "more susceptible to catching fire."

Another reason you might want to leave the fabric conditioner on the shelf is because it makes towels less absorbent.

It's not just towels either, other fluffy fabrics, like terry cloth, may not work efficiently if you use a lot of softener.

What can you use to make laundry smell nice?

If you use fabric softener primarily for the fresh scent it gives your clothes there are a few other options you can try out.

Rich suggested picking up a scented detergent rather than replying on confitoners.

Or, you could scent your clothes after they're dry by simply spraying some tissue with perfume and leaving it your wardrobe or drawers.

How to make your clothes soft

Stiff and crunchy clothes could be the result of hard water, which can be solved by adding a "water softening system to your water supply," Rich explained.

For a more cost-effective method, dryer balls can also work.

They work by gently beating your clothes as they're dried, leaving them feeling soft to the touch.

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