From shaving their armpits to drunken shame – the wedding photos brides WON’T be cherishing of their big day

WEDDINGS are supposed to be the most important and happiest day of your life.

Often months, or even years, of planning have gone into the big day to make sure it's a special occasion, and one to be remembered.

But these brides may want to forget certain parts of it, after being snapped getting their armpits shaved, necking booze from the bottle and eating hotdogs.

It goes to show you can't control every detail of your wedding day, no matter how hard you try.

And if you do end up doing something embarrassing, chances are there's someone hovering nearby with a phone who will capture the moment.

So spare a thought for these brides, who probably want to burn these photos – which definitely won't make the family album.

Top dog

Close shave

Skirt the issue

Double act

Flower power

Going swimmingly

Bum note

Hairy situation

What a boob

Where's the birdy

Have your cake and eat it

Bottled it


Given the boot

Bottoms up

Drive me round the bend

Getting legless

Joy ride

Step up

All made up

Pants idea

Helping hand

Sweet dreams

Got your back

Lights, camera, action

Shoe down

Top trumps



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