I bought a Very returns pallet & was stunned at what was inside – I even found a brand new Valentino bag | The Sun

ONE woman was left completely stunned when she unpackaged a returns pallet from Very – only to find a brand new Valentino handbag inside. 

Holly Smith, who shares videos on TikTok under the name @hollyvlogsofficial, couldn’t believe her luck as she shared her discovery with her followers, as she also showed off all the other hidden gems.

In a video posted to TikTok, Holly explained that she and her partner Callum had bought a returns pallet from very.co.uk for £366, but the total goods inside came to £2000 – and they couldn’t have been more happy with their purchase. 

Holly explained: “We found a returns pallet which contains a double pushchair and we have needed one of these ever since we have had [our daughter] Bonnie.

“At the moment, we are using two single pushchairs and they are taking up so much room in the car, but I was holding off purchasing a new one as I was hoping to find one second hand.

When the moment of truth came, Holly said: “Callum has just unboxed the pallet and the first item that I can see is a double pushchair.

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“The box does look in good condition so I am hoping this is like our last Very returns pallet where most of the items were new because, if that is new, we’ve saved ourselves a fortune.”

Holly was then thrilled to report that it was in great condition and that it had no obvious fault. 

And things became even better once they unpacked the rest of the surprise goods. 

Amongst the rest of the haul was a lazy spa drink holder, Batman trike, an electric scooter, a garden slide, outdoor wood burner, lamp, stroller and a travel pram. 

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While the stylish black handbag also caught Holly’s eyes as she Googled it to see how much it would have set her back. 

Holly went on to say: “The clutch bag is brand new – and Valentino. I’ve just looked it up and it retails for £79.99 on Very.”

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Holly’s followers were equally as impressed with the Very collection, as they told her in the comment section.

One described it as “a great returns pallet”, while others shared their shock at how many good items they’d bagged.

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