I earn £10k a month showing off my hairy armpits – more girls should go au naturel and stop wearing deodorant | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she makes £10,000 a month showing off her hairy armpits online.

Fenella Fox, 30, from Worcester has made almost £500k in total since posting images of her body hair on social media six years ago.

The brunette beauty explained she decided to let nature do it's thing and grown out her body hair.

Fenella says there weren't many models showing off their body hair at the time she started her social media career.

Speaking to Femail she revealed how she decided to start 'letting her body do its natural thing', revealing she was sick of female beauty standards online.

"I stopped wearing make-up, stopped styling my hair [and] stopped shaving," she said.



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The young woman now has over a million followers and creates a body-positive space online showing off her hairy armpits and filming lifestyle videos.

Last year, Fenella spoke out about her lifestyle and how she pretty much ditched deodorant once she started showing off her body hair.

Urging others to do the same, she explained: "I love the natural smell of my armpits and rarely ever wear deodorant. I believe our diet and lifestyle plays a huge part in how we naturally smell.

"I wish more people would learn to embrace their natural odour instead of masking it with unnatural scents.

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"A lot of perfume and deodorants just smell unattractive to me."

Her career has seen her travel the world, live in a luxe house and have total financial freedom – but it's come at a price.

Her social media presence has caused her to be trolled and harassed, even in real life.

The young woman now suffers with PTSD due to being stalked and harassed and cornered by two men in real life.

At the start of her modelling career, Fenella revealed the reaction to her work was 'mostly negative'. 

"As mentioned before there weren't many women online showing their natural pit hair so it shocked and angered people,' she explained.

"I was going against the "norm" and I think a lot of people (especially men) felt threatened by this."

Now female body hair has become more normalised Fenella mainly gets positive feedback on her photos.

The financial freedom she has means she can travel the world and work from her phone.

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She added her family were also thrilled by the success she has found – although they wish she had taken a different career path.

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