I grew up with 13 siblings – my house was full of broken windows and holes in the walls

A WOMAN has revealed what it was like growing up with 13 siblings – and admits that things were constantly getting broken.

Claire shared a TikTok video where she gave her followers an insight into her childhood home – which was big, but a little battered.

Speaking in the video Claire, who is the 12th child of 14, said: “I always say my house was big, obviously it had to fit that many people inside.

“However, it was not nice.”

She went on to explain that the house was often in a state of disrepair.

There was “many a hole in the wall, many a broken window, from children just constantly running around everywhere”, she explained.

In another video, she outlined all the things she “did not get growing up because [she] had thirteen siblings”.

She explained how she shared a bedroom with five of her sisters.

Describing her experience, Claire said: “I was sharing a room with five of my sisters.

"So in order to save space my parents just decided to put two king size beds in the room, then we all just crawled in at night.”

The children also never had individual packed lunches made for them.

I promise this is genuinely just how I grew up. I was a very happy kid

“Our lunches were very much put together by assembly line," Claire explains.

“Every morning there were like 28 pieces of bread on the counter that my dad would slap peanut butter and jelly on.

"If you didn’t like what my dad was packing you could make your own.”

And with 13 kids, it was impossible to be a birthday diva.

In October, there’s a family birthday every week, so parties would have to be shared occasions. 

The Tiktok user let everyone know, however, that she had a great childhood.

“This is in no way to make anybody feel bad for me.

“I promise this is genuinely just how I grew up. I was a very happy kid.”

Commenters were sympathetic to Claire, and noted how difficult it could be to have such a big family.

“I would die if I were you to be honest, from having too many people around me”, wrote one shocked commenter.

Another wrote: “I’d never put my kids through that. Sounds like torture to me.”

Many viewers, however, thought that having 13 siblings would be fun.

“Ok the bed sounds fun though”, wrote one viewer.

Another insisted that children in big families are “the happiest kids”. 

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