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NONE of us want eye bags, right?

But if the thought of having needles poked into your face to fix the problem doesn’t sound appealing to you, fear not, we’ve got the perfect solution.

And don’t worry, you won’t need to go out and splash the cash on pricey creams or anti-ageing serums with this simple trick.

Thankfully, a beauty fan took to social media to share how she got rid of her under eye bags on a budget, leaving many stunned.

Sharing her advice, the woman explained that she uses a Gua Sha – a smooth-edged tool that promotes blood flow, encouraging sculpted skin – on her face.

This woman claimed that she uses her Gua Sha to combat under eye bags – so if you’ve got dark circles, you’ll need to listen up. 

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She explained: “Here's how I got rid of my under eye bags. 

“It’s something that barely costs anything and that you can do every day. Let me show you.”

The skincare guru then got two Gua Shas from out of her fridge, as she continued: “Nice and cold.

When they're cold, it feels so good. And the cold definitely helps with inflammation.

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“Next you're going to grab a serum or cream of your choice. Gently dab below the eye, which makes for effortless gliding of the Gua Sha.

“I've got my Rose Quartz and my Jade. We're going to gently glide upward.”

The woman then used a Gua Sha on either side of her face, gliding it upwards from her nose to her temples.

She added: “That feels so nice

“I love that you can multi-task and do both eyes at the same time.”

Once she had finished her simple routine, she beamed: “Look, I mean my under eyes are so bright.

“It just makes me feel really nice and tight and [it’s] such a great compliment to the under eyes. 

“Just gently glide back. Nice, tight, and lifted.

“You don't have to buy any expensive creams or serums. 

“Just using your Gua Sha every single day, like I showed you, it works wonders.

“Save this video, you will be hooked.” 

The beauty guru later added: “Even my boyfriend was shocked about the results.”

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @viral_skincaree, has quickly amassed 10,200 views.

One person said: “You look amazing, from where is your Gua Sha?”

To this, the skincare whizz replied: “Bought it from Plantifique Amazon.” 

This beauty fan nabbed her Gua Sha for £12.95, but if you fancy giving this hack a try and are on a really tight budget, don’t worry, we've got you covered.

You can buy a Gua Sha from a variety of different high-street shops, including Boots and Superdrug.

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However, you can also find Gua Shas extremely cheap online, with some for as little as 62p on AliExpress.

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