Mum shares clever £1 saving trick using a sweets tube & it’ll fund the kids’ Christmas presents

A MUM has shared her savvy £1 saving trick using a sweets tube, and said it’ll pay for her kids’ Christmas presents.

Stephanie Louise shared a photo of her money-saving hack on Facebook, and showed how she uses a Millions tube to stock up her £1 coins.

She wrote: “Millions tube (we got them for £1.99 in the Range) fits £1 coins perfectly!!

“I don't have cash often but I hope to fill it by Xmas for Xmas Dinner or towards some presents.

“Sweets and savings… win win!!”

Since her post has been uploaded, it has racked up over 1,200 likes, and many people said they wanted to try her idea at home.

One said: “Brilliant idea.”

Another added: “What a great idea that is.”

A third wrote: “Im trying this with £2 this year in a fruit pastels tube… hopefully can keep it going.”

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