I use my old Crocs as a gardening tool – they're the perfect solution for beautiful plants | The Sun

A CROC-THUMBED TikToker has shown how he turned a pair of his old footwear into flourishing flowers.

Holding up a pair of pink-colored Crocs, the gardener had just one question for viewers:"Do you own a pair of old Crocs?"

Wearing a blue shirt, and rolled-up shorts, the gardening guru pointed to his own holey pair, the main feature synonymous with the popular brand.

Intended for ventilation purposes, Simon Akeroyd (@simonakeroydgardener) explained how – and why – he turned the holes into a gardening hack.

"They are durable, and have lots of ventilation holes, making them perfect for growing beautiful plants in," he said as he gave a close-up of the Crocs on the patio.

As he continued on his Croc planting path, Simon put his pink pair into a green planter that was already filled with dirt.

He then poured the dirt into each individual shoe.

"Sow a seed of your choice," he said, as he put his own tiny, white seed into the middle of the now dirt-filled footwear.

He also gave another option for what could be put into your Croc planter: "Some succulent plants," he explained, as he added in a few of the mint and pink-hued plants.

Simon then showed how he hung the pair of shoes-turned-planters onto shoestrings around a nail that had been drilled into a wooden fence.

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With all the heavy plant lifting complete, there was just one thing left to do – sit back, relax, and "enjoy watching your plants grow," said the TikToker.

Long, red flowers with red centers could soon be seen sprouting from the Crocs.

"Literally gardening on a shoestring," was all he had left to say about the gardening trick.

Most of his almost 600,000 followers were amused at how the TikToker turned fashion into flowers.

"Going to be a lot of Crocs hanging outside front doors, and off balconies, joked one fan of the video.

"Now that's what I call creativity. Might try this when my kids grow out of their Crocs," exclaimed another viewer.

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