I’m a cleaning expert, deep clean your home in five easy steps – it only takes an hour and will make it spotless | The Sun

IF you’re in desperate need of deep cleaning your home, but can’t spare more than an hour to do so, there’s no need to worry.

A cleaning expert has revealed her easy to follow technique for getting your entire home spotless from top to bottom in just sixty minutes. 

TikTok user @naziaxhome, who shares a variety of cleaning and cleaning hacks videos to her 38,000 followers, recently uploaded a post titled: “How to deep clean your house in an HOUR.”

The busy mum then shared how there are just five steps to follow, before going through them one by one.

The first important step is to “clear the clutter” as @naziaxhome shows herself gathering up various things that are lying around unnecessarily.

Once you’ve gathered it together, you can put it back where it belongs and keep it out of sight of guests. 

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Next, it’s time to “hoover all floors” in every room where the floor needs cleaning.

The third part of the cleaning process is to “dust all surfaces” – from TV cabinets to coffee tables and wardrobes to desks. 

While the fourth step takes you to the bedrooms in the home so that you can “change bedsheets and make the bed” in each of them. 

The fifth and final tip is to “spray and wipe down all units” in kitchens and bathrooms so that they look shiny and good as new. 

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After posting the video, @naziaxhome explained that there was no strict rule to the order that you do the steps, just as long as they’re all completed. 

She wrote in the comment sections in reply to one of her followers: “This is in no particular order but 5 things to do in an hour.”

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The cleanfluencer added: “Of course choose what works best for you.” 

She also added that this is a quick and easy way to deep clean, but if you have more substantial time there is plenty more that can be done to make sure it is left in tip top condition. 

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