I'm a fit gym girl – customers dress-code me over my tight outfit when I go shopping after a workout but I don’t care | The Sun

A FITNESS influencer says furious "Karens" dress-coded her when she wore her tight gym gear to go shopping.

Canadian TikTok star Kate Craig, 22, posted a video after an awkward experience in a supermarket.

Kate, who has 1.8million followers, is seen in standing in the aisle wearing a small sports top and close-fitting leggings.

She then turns round to show how tight they are on her bottom, and covers her mouth in mock horror.

A caption on the video says: "Remember the cute gym fit is all fun and games until you gotta run to the grocery store."

And she adds: "The Karens were furious."

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She was inundated with supportive messages in the comments.

One fan said: "If I looked like this I would walk around in my gym fits lmao."

Another said: "I would PROUDLY go shopping like that."

And another said: "Do you ever think maybe they just envy your youth? You remind them of what they used to be :(."

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Last month another fitness fan hit out at Karens who dress code her every time she works out.

The popular TikToker showed off her pink gym gear and added: “There’s always a ‘Karen’ that gives me the look.”

Another woman said she was dress coded at her female-only gym for wearing viral TikTok leggings.

Kerry said: "When I found a gym that I felt comfortable in and I really enjoyed it changed my life.

"But they actually said something to me that made me feel so uncomfortable, I never wanted to go back again."

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