I’m a high-end fashion expert — cheap hacks every woman needs to be aware of to look classy & rich | The Sun

MANY women have one goal in mind when it comes to their fashion sense — looking as classy as possible.

There are a handful of fashion hacks women should know if they want to give off vibes of luxury and class.

Lana, a fashionista based in Washington, DC, dedicates her TikTok account to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content.

She uploaded a video with two fashion hacks that may be game-changers for viewers.

Her first suggestion is to use liquid fashion tape if you feel like you’re dress is continually riding up.

She says: “Just apply to the area and hold for 30 seconds. Now your dress won’t move all day!”

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A bottle of Liquid Fashion Tape goes for $21.59 on Amazon.

Lana's second suggestion is to avoid tucking long button-up shirts into the top of your pants.

Instead, she suggests tucking your shirt up into your bra to give off a much cleaner look.

Several commenters proclaimed to be inspired by Lana‘s fashion hacks.

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One person wrote: “That button-down shirt trick is a game-changer."

“The information we all need!" someone else chimed in.

A handful of people, though, weren't completely sold on her first idea to use Liquid Fashion Tape.

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One person wrote: “I want my dress to move up because that glue would be uncomfortable as hell."

“So what will happen when you have to urinate?" someone else asked in reference to the lasting stickiness of Liquid Fashion Tape.

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