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LOVE Island's raunchy sex scenes are a thing of the past after bosses started censoring them off the show.

They even cracked down on booze to stop drunken sex sessions in a bid to make the show less tacky – leaving fans disappointed.

The Sun revealed bosses won't show it on TV because they don't want to "ruin their lives".

But it was romps galore before the new rules were enforced and with one couple even shown having sex on top of the covers while the other Islanders watched.

Here we take a look at the sauciest sex scenes of all six series so far.

Terry and Emma have sex on TOP of the covers

TERRY shocked viewers by romping with new girl Emma just 36 hours after his love interest Malin was kicked off the show.

As well as forgetting he'd promised to stay faithful, the cameras also appeared to slip Terry's mind.

Things got intimate between the new couple, with Emma climbing on top with the covers off.

Describing the moment, Sophie Gradon said: "I could not believe what I was seeing.. Emma sat there with the duvet off, riding him like a bucking bronco."

Olivia Buckland added: "I feel like they blocked us out, like they had blinkers on like horses do and they just carried on."

Zara performs sex act on Alex

Former Miss Great Britain Zara Holland had her title stripped after romping with Alex Bowen less than 24 hours after he arrived on the dating show.

She got carried away in The Hideaway with the new boy – and it cost her her Miss GB crown.

Zara got down and dirty with the fellow Islander in 2016 after a string of rejections in the villa.

Producers highlighted the moment by showing the pair's sex faces and even had fireworks going off on screen as they sealed the deal.

It didn't turn out to be funny for 22-year-old Zara who lost her title and was banned from the Miss World competition.

"I made one silly, stupid mistake of being in the moment and it has ruined everything,” she sobbed.

After leaving the villa Zara quit fame over fears she would always be remembered for being "the girl who had sex on TV."

Rykard and Olivia's secret sex

ALEX went on to start a relationship with Olivia – who is now his wife.

But she also had a steamy past in the villa before hooking up.

In a moment of passion, the pretty bond enjoyed a surprise session in bed with Rykard Jenkins.

Following their naughty night time hook-up, Olivia urged Rykard to keep it their sexy secret. She boldly stated: “If you say anything, I’ll f***ing kill you.”

She obviously forgot she was taking part in a TV show.

Kem and Amber's 'afternoon delights'

THE eventual winners of 2017 hunted for places to have sex in the afternoon after giving into lust.

They famously had sex all over the villa – and it seems they weren't too bothered about who was watching.

They ruled out the shower and toilet – pointing out it was “disgusting” and “claustrophobic” before getting into a bed Amber shared with another man.

But fellow islanders Gabby Allen and Marcel Somerville admitted they saw the winning couple have sex in the villa's swimming pool.

Amber later told The Sun: "The next morning, if (producers) knew we'd had sex, they would always bring us into the Beach Hut and say: 'Are you okay? Did you want it to happen? Was it protected?'"

Molly-Mae shouts 'it's f***ing huge'

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague became the first couple in the villa to have sex in the 2019 series.

The boxer performed a sex act on Molly-Mae when she was heard gasping "Jesus Christ" as the pair spooned in bed.

Then on a separate occasion, Molly-Mae reached underneath the covers and was heard whispering: "It's f***ing huge."

Tommy was seen with a smug smile plastered all over his face while Molly-Mae's cuddly toy was discarded on the bed, as fans joked they were horrified they'd had sex in front of Ellie-Belly.

Siannise's lap dance for Luke T

AFTER Luke T returned single from Love Island, it wasn't long before Siannise was giving him a reward for good behaviour.

When the pair got to spend the night in the Hideaway, she gave him a sexy lap dance in lingerie before stripping under the covers.

The semi-pro footballer told the lads:  "She took off all her gear, it was under the covers."

Terry and Malin don't care who watches

MALIN Anderson and Terry decided to have sex despite the fact the rest of the contestants were also in the bedroom with them.

They continued to go at it with the lights on under the covers as the other Islanders cheered.

Megan romps with Wes in ex Eyal's jumper

LOVE birds Megan Barton-Hanson and Eyal Booker were the first to get intimate under the sheets in The Hideaway.

But their romance didn't last long and Megan had quickly moved onto Wes Nelson.

She had sex with Wes twice – while wearing Eyal's jumper – as they got down to business.

But voiceover star Iain Sterling couldn't help but make a joke about how quickly they did the deed.

Finn and Paige make it official

FINN Tapp melted viewers' hearts with his soppy speech as he asked Paige Turley to be his girlfriend.

It didn't take long for the couple to celebrate their official status with a romp in bed.

Describing how it went to the lads, Finn said: “It was banging . . . a lovely evening.”

Bizarrely, he then compared types of sexual activity to breakfast ingredients, saying he “did tomato” with singer Paige.

Adam's head is turned from Rosie after sex act

THEY seemed to hit it off straight away, but Adam soon had his head turned by new girl Zara McDermott.

Just days before he had boasted about having a "spring in his step" after she performed a sex act on him.

Rosie ended up dumping him when he admitted to preferring Zara.


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