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AN ELEGANCE coach has revealed the ten things that people should always avoid if they want to look classy.

Anna Bey posted a video to her YouTube channel where she offers a run through of some of the most common mistakes she sees people making in social situations.

From speaking too loudly on your phone to hanging your jacket on the back of a chair in a restaurant, how many are you guilty of?

1. Don't be rude or snarky to another person

Anna explains that a truly elegant individual would never be rude to another person because they "would never want to make anyone else feel uncomfortable."

She goes on to offer an example by using the moment Joanna Lumley introduced actress Jennifer Lawrence as "the hottest actress on the planet" at an award's ceremony.

Jennifer replied to the compliment: "That was a bit much but thank you Joanna."


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According to the elegance guru, Jennifer's response was "really passive aggressive" and didn't signal elegant behaviour "whatsoever."

2. Don't push the plate away from you

The elegance coach points out that elegant people always have their dining manners in order.

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And one action she specifically references is that they would never push their plate away from them at the end of the meal.

However, Anna notes that if you're in someone's home as a guest, you may want to ask the hostess if she'd like any help removing the plates from the table.

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But she warns: "Be aware, if she says 'no', it's a no. You don't need to intrude and force yourself into the kitchen."

3. Don't take your jacket to the table at a restaurant 

Anna also says that you should never bring your jacket with you to the table in the middle on a restaurant.

Rather than hanging it on the back of a chair, she highlights how elegant people instead opt to leave their jackets in the cloak room.

Anna recalls a time she spotted editor-in-chief of Vogue Anna Wintour making that very mistake at London Fashion Week, while sitting next to the Queen.

"The coat is literally dangling on the chair and I find this not to look very elegant or refined," explains the elegance coach. "Come on Anna, you can do better."

4. Don't leave the table mid-meal

While we all experience the urge to go to the toilet at different times, Anna says that elegant people will always try their best to wait until the very end of a meal.

She goes on to say they wouldn't go to the bathroom before the first course, or after the first course and says that while it's better to wait altogether, it's acceptable to go just before dessert.

Anna proceeds to explain that when the time to go to the toilet does arrive, those with true class would never announce where they're going.

She adds: "What they do is they simply say 'excuse me' and they simply disappear."

5. Don't speak loudly on the phone in public places

According to Anna, it's "against etiquette" to speak loudly on the phone in public places.

Despite this, she admits that she found herself in an "awkward" situation recently when she was half-way through a therapy session on the phone.

Anna says she answered the call on her mobile before playing it through the speakerphone in her car.

However, she quickly realised this was a huge mistake after noticing people outside looking at her funny because they could hear every word.

6. Don't stare at people

Anna warns: 'Staring is considered rude and not classy at all."

She goes on to say that what's even worse is to stare at someone open-mouthed.

'You can't look more ridiculous than that,' the elegance guru quips.

And for those who are more "curious," Anna advises taking a little glance at something, rather than a full stare.

7. Never chew gum in public

Elegance expert Anna explains that chewing gum in public is another thing that "elegant people are never seen doing."

She points out that football David Beckham was guilty of committing this "elegance disaster" when he attended Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding day in 2018.

While sitting in St George's Chapel in Windsor, he could be seen next to another guest, chomping away on his gum.

8. Don't show the sole of your shoes when you sit down

While Anna's advice is often targeted at ladies, she reveals that she also has an elegance tip for the gentleman out there, too.

The expert warns that angling your feet so that the soles of your shoes are facing another person is "a big elegance and etiquette mistake."

Instead, she notes that they should always face the ground.

9. Don't over-explain why you can't attend events

According to Anna, when elegant people receive an invitation and they can't attend, they'll never tell the hostess a bunch of reasons why they can't make it.

"That almost sounds like they're giving a bunch of excuses," she says.

Rather, she notes: "Elegant behaviour is of course responding to an invitation in a good time and manner.

"You don't want to let your host wait for ages to receive an answer from you."

The elegance expert advises to simply say "unfortunately, we're not able to attend this time."

She points out that you can also send a gift in your absence to show your appreciation for the invite.

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10. Don't carry a large handbag at night 

Anna comments: "At night you should always wear something small like a clutch or an evening bag."

She highlights that while "medium-sized" bags are acceptable, big work bags or leather totes are for day time or when you go to work.

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