I've been growing my nails for 30 years – they're so long that I have to use my knuckles to perform daily tasks | The Sun

EXTRA long nails be be trendy, but most people don't go longer than a few inches.

And growing your natural nails out can be a challenge for most people at the best of times.

But this woman keeps her natural nails at a staggering 12 inches year round, and she would never consider cutting them short.

Cordelia Adams, from Gary, Indiana, has had long nails for 32 years and were 16 inches at their longest, she told Truly.

The 59-year-old started growing them back in 1989 because she loved her mum's long nails so much.

After so many years of having long nails, Cordelia is completely used to doing thing with them.

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She explained: "The nails fold back over my arm, so if I'm holding something they're out of the way completely.

"I don't go at anything fingertip first."

She has to use her knuckles to scrub dishes and even scroll on her phone, since her nails are so long.

She explained: "If I'm cooking something, like if I'm making hamburgers, having to make the patties back and forth, that kind of thing can become an issue."

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As a nail technician, she manages to keep her nails looking pristine at all times, giving each an individual and intricate design.

In fact, some of the designs of stayed on her nails for ages, one has even survived for five years.

The nail lover confessed that she does trim her claws "once in a while, just to keep them at 12 inches."

Despite the difficulties her nails bring to day-to-day life, Cordelia loves them, admitting that "the best thing about having long nails is the attention."

She even joined TikTok to show them off and answer any questions people have about them.

"Even though a lot of the times the comments are negative, I like it and enjoy answering them," she said.

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Cordelia's sister, Yalonda said: "Most of my life she's had them, so if she cut them she wouldn't be her."

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