My gym routine made my E-cup fake breasts vanish, my boob job was so painful and now a bra mistake's ruined it | The Sun

A FITNESS fanatic has shared her cosmetic conundrum, claiming her gym routine is the culprit for her disappearing tatas.

She said her plastic surgery, which she described as "painful," was useless due to a bra mistake.

Maddie Tagg (@maddietagg1) filmed herself discussing the vanishing act in a video on TikTok.

"So this is exactly how the gym has ruined my breast augmentation," she said.

"Yes, it has actually made them vanish and I am not joking. They have gone.

"So I had surgery two years ago, because I thought I just didn't like them.

"They were going flatter and flatter from the gym and I thought, yes, I'm gonna go and have breast augmentation. So I did," she shared.

She claimed that working out made her new boobs decrease in size.

"I can tell you now, from going to the gym, they have gone. And I'm not joking," she said.

She revealed that the culprit was an overlooked aftercare issue involving her bra.

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"So when I first had them done, this is kind of what they looked like. Very plump. They were there. They just look good," she said.

When getting measured for a new brassiere, the sales associate explained that she needed to wear proper clothing when working out.

"She told me they were an E, but she also told me that she could tell I'd never worn a bra because the implants were out here," she said, gesturing to her breasts moving toward her armpits.

"And I always wondered why aren't they like they were at the start, like first six months. They're going outwards.

"And you know what that is? I've not worn a bra the whole time. And I had no idea that you had to wear a bra. And it's from going to the gym.

"So the gym has push them out of their socket and pushed them out of the place from all the presses and things.

"I thought with implants you didn't have to wear one because I thought they were just in the muscle, in the socket there and they didn't move," she added.

She revealed that she's going in with a game plan to take better care of her investment.

"So my plan is I've got to sleep in a push up bra every night," she said.

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"Because apparently if I don't start wearing a bra and they keep going outwards, they're going to end up under my armpits and they could end up rupturing.

"Who wouldn't even know? I've had surgery and I can tell you now that surgery was so bloody painful and there's literally nothing there to show for it," she added.

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